Abbott’s BinaxNOW Self-Test can be your Savior during the Pandemic


Image Source: Abbott

COVID-19. That one teeny-tiny invisible thing has not left humanity yet despite vaccines and vaccine passports making headlines everywhere. Experts have emphasized the importance of rapid testing for effectively dealing with the pandemic. COVID-19 testing, that too at affordable prices is the topmost priority.

The test results usually take days to arrive postponing important holidays, celebrations, and gatherings.  Don’t worry. Abbott’s BinaxNOW Self-Test might be a great help in this regard. The self-test is a rapid antigen examination that can detect symptomatic and asymptomatic COVID-19. The test, according to their website, is similar to the current professional test that has been in place since August 2020.

The test, Abbott says, will be supplied to main drug, food, and mass merchandiser retailers. Moreover, it also affirmed that retail partners shall be announced soon. One of the most impressive features of this self-test is that it doesn’t need a prescription. The test can be performed on 2-year-old children where an adult can collect the samples.

And how it works?

Okay. The test can be performed by the person. People should perform the tests twice during three days. A time-lapse of 36 hours between two tests is compulsory. The test can be easily performed by amateurs too. The box contains all the necessary materials which include a nasal swab along with the relevant instructions.

The nasal swab, the first step of the test is quite comfortable as it does not require deep nasal insertion to collect the sample. The test takes approximately 15 minutes to perform and can be used to detect both asymptomatic and symptomatic people for COVID-19. Once the test is authorized, the access to the test will be increased manifold as masses will be permitted to undergo serial testing especially the asymptomatic people.

The website further claimed that the firm is well equipped to manufacture the boxes according to the demand which implies that the retail store is never going to run out of stock! The test is so convenient that you just have to swab your nose and go about your daily routine. It takes 15 minutes for the test to show the results and once you know the status, you are free to go.


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