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About Us

TECHCONEWZ is your essential source of information to stay updated with the latest technological advancements across industries. We help you in making sense of this constantly changing world and the implications technological shifts have on our professional and personal lives. In this dynamically evolving global landscape, the time is now to harness and capitalize on the influence of technology around us.  

TECHCONEWZ aspires to provide independent, unbiased coverage of technological developments. With our exclusive E-magazine, news articles, feature stories, reviews, and more, we bring exciting updates to you from all major disciplines of technology while giving you the tools to evaluate the news and how it can be beneficial for you and your business. We are defined by insightful reporting and publishing fascinating features on a wide range of technological topics, covering expert opinions, hands-on product reviews, presenting the actionable and educated point of view on pressing issues, and exclusive interviews with a diverse line-up of industry experts.

Our aim is to provide a free flow of information and knowledge to help build, enlighten, and engage communities. Our dedicated team ensures providing accurate and up to date coverage of the most recent news in the technology world following the highest standards of journalism while staying honest and transparent in our work and our interactions with sources and readers.


Our vision is to become your go-to source for technological updates. We aim to accelerate the transmission of technology news by timely delivering precise, accurate, and reliable information for our readers. Our focus is to create a trustworthy experience for our readers and advertisers alike.


Our mission is to create an information platform that delivers all the latest technology news under one umbrella. We aspire to offer reliable and actionable technological insights to the decision-makers that are required to stay on top of this fast-paced industry.