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Artificial Intelligence has become the catchword of the 21st Century. Certainly, you want to be at the top of your game and want to know the latest trends in AI to gain an upper hand over your competitors. Don’t worry. We have got you covered. Scroll down and find a wealth of the latest trends that will enlighten your thinking muscles and empower them to think beyond the present moment:

  1. Interweaving Healthcare into the AI Fabric

COVID-19 toppled down the whole world and changed it forever. No wonder the term ‘new normal’ made its way into the linguistic domain. The potential of AI is being harnessed to assist the healthcare providers in the form of mobile application and thermal cameras which can measure the temperature of individuals and hoard data which can later be used by the healthcare companies.

By analyzing this data and basing future predictions based on it, AI can revolutionize the future of the healthcare industry especially in terms of the forecasts related to pandemics. Interestingly, the trio of AI, Machine Learning, and healthcare can help curb the prevalence of COVID cases in particular and diseases in general. In fact, AI has also proved itself to be a convenient tool for doctors when it comes to keeping track of their patients’ health remotely.

2. Congratulations, you can trust your AI system!

True thing tech has brought many innovations and improvements over time and is changing lives. However, it is pertinent to balance these advancements in a way that builds consumer trust. What is important now is to show to the world that the AI system along with its algorithms can be trusted, justified and responsible. It is because currently, AI is not that capable as it has been misused by global technology firms which have damaged consumer trust. Moreover, the system itself suffers from flaws like algorithm bias. Therefore, the AI/ML specialists need to devise solutions and strategies to counter this problem of AI trustworthiness so that user trust and confidence can be restored.

3. Burgeoning Demand for Augmented Intelligence

AI can be used as an assistant in achieving the desired goals rather than thinking of it as a replacement for the human mind. This human-AI collaboration can increase the output in terms of performance and efficiency of operations. Intriguingly enough, Gartner has predicted that by the year 2023, 40 percent of the operations and infrastructure teams in a large number of big organizations will be employing AI-augmented automation leading to financial gains, business value, and accelerated productivity. This also means that the human resource will have to be trained to use the latest AI and ML tools to get maximum returns.

4. Conversational AI

An AI-powered chatbot became more important during the pandemic for every business as the customer inquiry traffic increased two to three times its normal volume, according to the International Data Corporation (IDC) report.

 It implies that to up their game, tech aficionados need to devise and design proprietary natural language technologies that can give a near-human experience during interaction with a virtual agent. So pull up your socks and get ready to part of a reality rife in automating loan forbearance and deep integrations with Robotic Process Automation, Optical Character Recognition, and voice tools.

5. AI: The Saving Grace of the Business World

Many organizations and businesses have observed that COVID-19 has also greatly influenced consumer behavior. It means that people have now looked towards digital means of buying products and services while people were ‘locked up’ in their houses. Interesting to note that the sales on Amazon increased up to 40 percent during the second half of 2020 as people adapted to the changed reality.

AI technology through user personalization and behavioral analytics has also forced companies to look for digitally powered channels that are going to increase customer access on the one hand. On the other hand, it means in 2021, small and medium-sized enterprises will have to introduce further advancements to get an edge in the competition with their peers.


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