Alforithmic Now Allows You to Chat with Einstein


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Those old audio recordings of yours can become an asset while living in an age of AI and technology. Using AI voice cloning technology, a synthesized voice of Albert Einstein along with his digital version has been recreated. This sophisticated feat has been achieved by using the scientist’s actual audio recordings in his voice. Alforithmic, a London/Barcelona-based technology startup is behind this audio deepfake of Einstein.

The company was founded in 2019 by the co-founders: Peadar Coyle, Timo Kunz and Björn Uhss. The platform allows scalable and fully automated audio production using voice cloning, synthetic media, and audio mastering. The voice is then delivered on any of the devices like smart speakers, mobile apps, and websites. With their Audio-As-A-Service, beautiful sounding audio from a simple text to including complex audio engineering and music can be created by anybody.

Indeed, the video engine enabling the 3D character rending components of a digital version of Einstein is the brainchild of another company named UneeQ. UneeQ is a real-time technology platform and synthesized media company. In 2016, the company used deep understanding and data to comprehend what factors make communication between customers and a brand successful. Resultantly, UneeQ now is the world leader in AI achievement with its intelligent digital human product providing human-like empathetic communication 24/7.

As far as the latest development concerning “digital Einstein” is considered, Alforithmic asserts that it is meant to showcase a possibility with conversational social commerce.

How about this? You call to order a pizza and Einstein takes your order. Haha!

Apart from that, Alforithmic believes that such innovations can be used for educational purposes too where historical important deceased personalities are brought to interactive “life”. Okay, not entirely life but an artificial approximation of “life”. But it has not been generated by tech purely. Yes, the company says that, for the chatbot, it worked with an actor to do voice modeling.

According to Matt Lehmann, COO of Alforithmic, “This is the next milestone in showcasing the technology to make conversational social commerce possible. There are still more than one flaws to iron out as well as tech challenges to overcome but overall we think this is a good way to show where this is moving to.”

However, another side of the story is the impact this kind of sophisticated technology is going to have on people and can shift the whole narrative. People either can find it educational/creative synthesized media or they might say they are being bluffed.


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