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Sunday, January 29, 2023

Allexis Interview

Q: What role a strong brand name can play in boosting the market of a company?
A: Strong brand is part of the marketing activities of the company. The company must ensure its customers, that what they are actually buying, is the authentic product they had paid for – that is crucial for the company to establish its position on the market.

Q: What strategies do you propose for protecting brands from every possible threat of the digital world?
A: To innovate. All the authentication protection features must be improved and innovated constantly in order to make the job of counterfeit harder and harder.

Q: What techniques do you believe can be effective to chase and stop counterfeiters- both domestically and internally?
A: It is the combination of physical security features (special materials, ink, foils, etc.) and digital protection (QR code, ECC, 2D barcode, RFID, etc.) which enable to verify the product in real-time at any time while on the market (Track&Trace)

Q: What dynamics do you believe will outline the future of the Brand Production Industry?
A: More towards the digital protection and traceability of products, with access to the history of the movement.