Allow me to find your keys: Apple’s AirTags can find lost items through Bluetooth Connectivity


How about having a small tile-like Bluetooth gadget that you can carry at will as required?

Wish soon to be granted by Apple “Aladdin”.

According to MacRumors, Apple is designing a tile-like handy Bluetooth tracking device that can be conveniently attached to wallets and keys for tracking purposes. You can easily find them through the Find My app.

Apple has decided to call this tracking accessory an “AirTags”. The function of AirTags is to act as a tracking tile with Bluetooth connectivity which can be utilized for finding lost items. Now the market already has such products as Adero and Tile. HOWEVER, the version set to be released by Apple will be more intrinsically connected to Apple devices.

Let’s have a dig at that. AirTags will have chips inside of them which will connect to an iPhone. It will then relay to the position of the attached devices. You can use your iPad, iPhone, and Mac to find the location of AirTags such as you would have done with your missing Apple devices.

AirTags Looks!

So you wanna know how your AirTags will look like so that you can flaunt it among your peers with flamboyance. According to the images from an intrinsic iOS 13, AirTags are minuscule round white tags flaunting an Apple logo at the front.

Jon Prosser says that the AirTags are a “tad larger than a bottle cap” and that AirTags will come with a keychain that has a “little leather pouch on it” to accommodate the AirTags.

AirTags in Action!

AirTags will be shown as an option in the new “items” tab found in the Find My app present in the Apple devices. Through the combination of the Find My App and AirTags, you will have a one-stop-shop so that you can conveniently find your things. AirTags like a lost iPad or iPhone will appear on the map and show an address where they can be found ‘resting’.

AirTag boundaries

Yup! You can tap the Find My App feature and make a ‘Safe Locations’ option. So for instance, as long as an item is in a safe location like your own home, you won’t receive any notification. As soon as the item leaves the safe location, you will receive a notification. Thankfully you let your family and friends know the location of items by sharing the location.


Thinking how much it is going to cost you? Okay so Apple has not released any official information regarding it but products similar to Apple’s Airtags cost between $25 to $35.

And when can you ‘flaunt’ it?

Well. You will have to wait as sources say that AirTags cannot be expected until later in 2021. Signs of AirTags have been reported in iOS 13 and other versions of iOS 14 and iOS 13.

Let me tell you what Ming-Chi Kuo, a reliable source giving accurate awareness regarding Apple’s plans. Kuo believes that Apple is set to release AirTags somewhere in 2021. On the other hand leaker Jon Prossers, having a mixed track record regarding rumors says that Apple will release its amazing product in March.

So better to stay put and wait.


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