And The Journey Continues: The No-Code Platform Easysend Helps Enterprises Move Towards Digital Transformation


Digital transformation is one of the most important steps towards accelerating the digital revolution. The COVID-19 pandemic pushed people to find ways to survive and adapt to extraordinary times by designing advanced technological tools. Because, Man, it was the need of the hour!

Virtual tools become more useful while increasing the digitalization of normal operations. For instance, providing an uninterrupted and smooth customer onboarding experience for the opening of new accounts as well as transforming bundles of mortgage documents to the virtual model. Both these operations play a crucial role in the finance industry and digitalizing them could give a great boost to the overall working of the financial sector.

EasySend, a no-code platform that can digitalize businesses by optimizing and building digital customer experiences in the financial and insurance industries. Such no-code forums can make a huge difference in terms of the performance of these organizations allowing them to avail themselves opportunities especially when it comes to customer satisfaction. Digitalization of forms and processes as well as designing applications, the digital landscape has been made quite conducive.

Hey, please tell me what’s a no-code?”

People, a no-code platform is a means of developing software applications without hiring a software developing or coding. Also, third-party software developers may not be available or capable enough to keep up with the developing requirements of the software. The citizen developers can craft, test, and set up business applications without any coding. These developers can easily connect to the web or mobile app through a drag-and-drop software feature. The best quality of these platforms is that they ensure frictionless customer experience in addition to revolutionizing the system set up.

Platforms like EasySend allow amateurs to develop fully operational business applications without the need for any technical expertise. This frees up the programmers and IT teams to focus their energies on complex projects and issues requiring greater skillset and knowledge. Also, the IT teams can easily train more human resources to develop such platforms and speed up the work process. These tools play an instrumental role in enabling the finance sector to meet the demands of the customer.

Let’s EasySend

EasySend helps financial organizations and insurance companies to convert PDFs, paper, and manual processes into proper customer journeys. Using the platform, the user can build, design and deploy customer processes in less than a week. This will also assist in optimizing the insights and advanced analytics. Luckily it helps to cut back on the operational costs, refine customer experience and increase revenue.


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