Another Facebook Data Breach – Data of 553 Million Facebook Users Leaked Online


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You know that data is the ‘new’ gold. Well, let me tell you that this gold of yours has been stolen. Yes, at least for some millions of us!

According to sources, data of approximately 533 million users has been leaked by hackers. It is being said that this pool of users belongs to about 106 countries. A staggering 6 million belong to India, 11 million from  Britain, and 32 million records belong to the US. The data exposed contains phone numbers, passwords, email ids, biodata, birthdays, full names, and user location. Surprisingly, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook has also been affected as his private data also became part of the breach. The information was hacked in January as Facebook information became more vulnerable.

A spokesperson for Facebook said in a tweet, “this is old data that was previously reported on in 2019. [Facebook] found and fixed this issue in August 2019.” Okay, but the leaked data might be sensitive especially if you still have the same mobile number, birth date, full name, email address, or email address that you had in 2019. So yeah you might be interested in knowing whether this data breach affected you or not.

Hop over to Have I Been Pwned and type your email address to find out if your details were a part of the leak. Troy Hunt, a security researcher, has developed this website. The website aims at informing the users whether their data has been leaked or not during any of the data breaches including this recent one too.

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In case your account and the associated email address have been affected by the breach, then Have I Been Pwned will inform you about when the breach happened as well as which service or site was affected.

Damn, My Data Has Been Leaked. Now what?

Apparently, you have fallen victim to the latest Facebook breach or some other. Just change the passwords of the affected accounts which are associated with the email id. Sometimes personal identity documents can also be leaked during such breaches. In such a case, it is recommended that you change or update these as soon as possible to avoid any identity theft. Also, it is suggested that passwords are also changed frequently to make sure that the information remains safe and secure.

You can also make this easy by using the password manager service which can store unique and strong passwords for you, the ones which are hard to guess! Some good ones include Keeper, LastPass, and 1password. They provide paid services so even if your data has not been breached, it is best to make your information safe by using strong security tools. Alternatively, you could use a two-factor authentication too so that your personal data remains safe.


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