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Friday, January 27, 2023

Apirosol Interview

Q: Briefly explain your solutions and services? And which geographical area you operate in?
A: ApiraSol combines online intelligence, shipments analytics, and point of sale investigations, uncovering counterfeit supply chains, from producers to importers, distributors, and retailers. ApiraSol operates globally with a network of investigations in more than 50 countries and the ability to organize investigations in other countries within one month, at reasonable fees.

Q: What strategies do you propose for protecting brands from every possible threat of the digital world?
A: ApiraSol believes that digital threats should be attacked “physically”, by identifying and disrupting their supply chains. We use online intelligence as a starting point to discover entire supply chains, identifying shippers, consignees, and points of sale. We do not measure success in terms of online takedowns, but in terms of products seized.

Q: What makes ApiraSol products and services unique?
A: ApiraSol offers the only solution that maps entire illicit supply chains, based on open-source intelligence. We also offer a unique solution called POINT (point of sale intelligence) that allows brand owners to capture product intelligence via our network of hundreds of investigators around the world, in almost real-time and a single interface. POINT permanently suggests new locations to be checked, such as shops and street markets. It also allows brand owners’ internal investigators to upload product observations.

Q: How do you intend to grow in the future?
A: Growth is not a goal per se with ApiraSol. We want to offer our clients new and innovative solutions that are not offered by other providers. Inventing new tools that make brand protection teams´ work easier, is our investment for growth.