Are you ready for an improved Google duo call quality with AI?


Give users the best Google duo call quality with AI

Are you getting irritated by the disruption in your video or voice calling services by having a bad internet connection? Do you need some improvements in it? No worries. Avail the AI upgrade in google duo during COVID.

In this pandemic season, everyone is wholly relied on internet connections to build their connections with loved ones, office colleagues, etc. But sometimes, our poor internet connections produce distortions during the call ultimately frustrating us enough to end the call. For this reason, our tech companies bring the latest advancements to help out this google AI division.

This is only possible when a new audio codec LYRA has been developed by the tech team, which encompasses compressing speech into a low bitrate. This magical packet, Lyra surfs fewer data than previously used codec- Like the open-source Opus- provides transparent voice quality but a little bit fussy from actual at 32kbps. This is operational at cheap rates. Most people are not willing to avail Opus codec (at 8kbps) than Lyra (at 3kbps), due to a 60% reduction in bandwidth.

How to make Google Duo Calls/Video Quality better?

Lyra is one of the giant tool upgrades in google duo to sort out all the inconsistency in internet connections by improving call quality and overall experience at very low bandwidth connections. It doesn’t matter whether you are an android or iOS user, this amazing tool Lyra will make your call connectivity and stability much better.

Another tool that helps to rectify the issue is WaveNetEQ, which splits into small packets, also known as packet loss concealment or packet filters. These small AI fillers fill the gaps as the sound is missed or overlapped. More improvements are still going on in these google duo calls.

AI and the Future Advancements

Internet connections always require advancements by making them more consistent and reliable for users. The whole Tech team dives deeper to know how this machine is workable with new technology, as well as audio splits to keep an eye on the differences between the original audio, Lyra, and other codecs at various bitrates.  Also, optimization on Lyra is still on-page.

We hope one day Lyra is also introduced outside the Google Duo app e.g. other VOIP, video conferencing apps and services will get more privileges from the codec. Also, they get involved in research on how these technologies run on the low-bitrate general-purpose audio codec.


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