As the first price transparency provider, turquoise health launches a new verified programme with Houston Physicians’ Hospital


Image Source: Turquoise Health Blog

Turquoise Health announced today that Houston Physicians’ Hospital is the platform’s first Turquoise Verified provider. Turquoise Verified is a free programme that recognizes providers who go above and beyond the Hospital Price Transparency Final Rule. Verified Providers will be marked with a checkmark on the platform profile page, allowing patients to quickly find compliant healthcare service locations in their area.

“The staff and physicians at Houston Physicians’ Hospital are united in their pursuit of positive patient experiences,” says Houston Physicians’ Hospital CEO Heather Womack. “This includes not only improving patient outcomes but also empowering patients to make informed decisions when selecting a hospital-based on cost and quality.” Patients can make more informed decisions about which hospital to visit by using pricing and quality data provided by trusted sources such as Turquoise. We are honored to be their inaugural partner.”

Image Source: HealthITSecurity

Turquoise Verified is the platform under the spotlight, and it provides healthcare pricing transparency by curating over 393 million records of never-before-seen provider rates. The platform simplifies the healthcare transaction process so that patients can understand the total cost up front, while also collaborating with providers and payers who see the value of transparency in transforming the market. This programme enables providers to leverage the Company’s expertise to make their data and pricing files more useful to patients and consumers.

When compared to other local and national providers, Houston Physicians’ Hospital in Webster, TX, is at the forefront of price transparency. The hospital has gone above and beyond to make its data and pricing easy for patients to use and understand. It serves South Houston, Clear Lake, Webster, League City, Galveston, and neighboring communities throughout South Texas, and is 49.2 percent less expensive on average than the nearest five providers geographically.


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