AWS- Takes another step in Automotive Industry with new technology


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The automotive industry is going for new changes with the introduction of AWS fleetwise and Aws Automotive as a new product in the industry with which it will be convenient for automakers to collect and retrieve sensors and telemetry data from their fleets. Aws Automotive is creativity that will collect the company’s products under one roof.

Fleet wise will not only provide sensor data but indeed it will provide flexibility in the end-to-end solutions. By this maker will be able to filter exact data according to their requirement’s

According to General manager; Mike Tzamaloukas, the automaker has to specify the vehicle model and its sensors by using vehicle signal specifications, after which AWS provides them with a source code for fleetwise and they can start collecting their data. Through this code modification and vehicle, the gateway will become easier even though data can be obtained through a live vehicle fleet.

Further, Mike Explained that: “The possibilities with data collection campaigns are endless and we are pushing the envelope in that data collection campaigns are not just time-based, are not just event-based, but it’s intelligent data filtering across your entire fleet,” and at this point, they are providing hope to automakers in which they would have the ability to pull up terabytes of data generations from different kinds of cars, but at a much higher signal-to-noise ratio.

Image Source:Techcrunch

By 2022 fleetwise will be available and by 2024 it will be seen in cars available for purchase. Due to fleetwise briefing of more detailed vehicles, health reports will be easy as data will not only be available at automakers’ end but it will be there with drivers too.

Aws Dean Philips, who is leading this initiative is sure enough that this would clarify AWS’ Capabilities in the industry, moreover, he added that they are quite excited about AWS Automotive as it will be a great help in providing different solutions to the customers which include a number of different solutions areas that automakers can adapt as needed, ranging from cutting-edge autonomous mobility services to product engineering support, supply chain tracking and digital customer engagement solutions.


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