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Friday, January 27, 2023

BrandGuard Interview

Q: What role a strong brand name can play in boosting the market of a company?
A: We believe that modern consumers are confused by the increasing number of channels by which product information is being conveyed. With the help of special software, companies communicate with consumers via a dazzling number of digital forms (social, web, mobile), while continuing to advertise via traditional TV and newspapers. Without a strong brand presence, product merits are easily forgotten and confused with competing ones. The slim chance of promoting products just by their uniqueness or low price is now gone – branding became a critical competitive offering. Consumers look for Samsung or Apple Phone, not for the “Best Phone with 5.5” Screen”.

Q: What strategies do you propose for protecting brands from every possible threat of the digital world?
A: We are focusing on threats in the real, physical world – counterfeited products replacing real brand products in brick and mortar or online stores. We think that serialization, which provides product “ID Card”, will grow from being a measure adopted by few high-end brands to a must-have method by which the entire industry protects itself from counterfeiting, the same way Cyber Security is now part of every corporate IT policy. Since our solution is based on using the smartphone as the detection and communication device we enable the manufacturers in this ever-increasing digital world to certify to the end-user the originality of the product along with targeted marketing campaigns to highlight the quality and other competitive advantages.

Q: What techniques do you believe can be effective to chase and stop counterfeiters- both domestically and internally?
A: Counterfeiting has been the domain of criminal entities – not anymore. Faking profitable brands is now attempted by many, including individuals on an occasional basis. We, therefore, see product serialization and consumer education to trace fakes as the only way to fight counterfeit. Chasing groups and criminals will not be effective. By developing a widespread understanding that consumers should use their phones to analyze purchases and detect fakes we will engage the most reliable men in the chain – the end-user, hurt most by buying low-quality, low-cost replacements. Serialization that uses mobile-ready methods such as NFC and QR codes enables this revolution and creates a highly secure buying environment. Anyone that experienced shopping in the Far East has seen this revolution in the making: consumers enter shops equipped with the phone in their hands pointed to products, as a regular habit.

Q: What dynamics do you believe will outline the future of the Brand Production Industry?
A: We think that the deployment of Brand Protection will be driven by different factors depending on product segment and nature: -Pharmaceuticals and related product categories will move to full serialization by government law, starting with major Western markets and eventually moving on to the Far East and the entire market. -High-End Brands, controlling markets such as Cosmetics and Accessories, will be driven by manufacturers and key distributors involvement, looking to regain market share -Alcohol, one of the most counterfeited segments, will be driven by the organization, typically at the state-level, guiding registered manufacturers to use specific solutions and join their promotional efforts