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Sunday, November 28, 2021

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Possible to build “Hanging Garden” with help of Al and Robots?

Image Source: TechCrunch Architecture and construction have always been, at the bleeding edge of tech and materials trends. Well, there is nothing a surprising thing,...

Gravity is launching an indoor charging hub in NYC with plans to scale

Image Source: TechChrunch Electric vehicle infrastructure startup Gravity thinks it has cracked the code for urban EV charging infrastructure’s. The company, which was founded in February...

Cruise Is Buying Solar Energy from California Farmers to Power Its Electric, Self-Driving Fleet

Image Source: Investopedia Cruise, the self-driving car company under General Motors, has launched a new initiative called Farm to Fleet that will allow the company to source...

Artificial Intelligence in future will help to diagnose Colorectal Cancer

Image Source: Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Artificial intelligence in identifying cancer is an emerging technology. Many researchers have worked and conducted dozens of experiments on...

Cloudphysician a Healthtech Platform has raised $4 million from Elevar Equity

Image Source:  123RF Cloudphysician a Health-tech platform which focuses on providing reasonable and quality critical care has recently raised $4 million from Elevar Equity as...