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Turn an Ordinary bike into an E-Bike with Skarper’s Clip-on Motor

Image Source: Global Tech CIO There is nothing more interesting left in electric bikes. The first US patent for an electric bike was awarded to...

Tech Giants Apple and Amazon Report Sales Increase Despite Economic Downturn

Image Source: Biznews Increasing prices have proven to be good for the tech and e-commerce giant, Apple and Amazon. Both major companies showed better performance...

NFT World Fired by Minecraft as it Bans NFTs in the Game

Image source: iTech Post Mojang, in an announcement, made it clear that they won’t be pairing up with blockchain and NFTs technology for its game,...

The NFT Giant Marketplace OpenSea Reduces its Staff by 20 percent

Image Source: ICT.io With more and more competition entering the NFT market, with sales lowering down, the leading NFT marketplace is cutting back on its...

New EU Laws On USB-C Charging Might Cause Apple to Redesign iPhone’s Charging Port

The EU lawmakers have decided to have only one charging port to be used on all the devices irrespective of the brand or model...