Congratulations, you just pocketed a million dollars: ‘Anonymous’ fintech startup Millions which gives away money on Twitter raises $3 Million


Imagine getting millions by just keeping yourself updated about a particular company’s activities?

That’s how this giveaway works. Let me walk you through it.

Millions is an “anonymously” led startup that raised $3 million for the seed round of its fintech company committed to monetary giveaways through its Twitter handle. The idea behind the startup is to trigger interest for its new venture as well as to provide a platform where business models can participate and get the ball rolling.

Many traditional sweepstakes and social media personalities have ventured into this domain of giveaways to entice the audience. HQ Trivia, a mobile game venture is one such example that integrated brand giveaways to attract players for its live trivia games. However, HQ Trivia failed to preserve the novelty with which it started. Sad!

Millions is a new venture on the block wherein when loyal users of @millions Twitter account receive money as giveaways after a type of some drop every month. Seriously. Just this month, the startup has decided to launch a “million-dollar sweepstakes”. Now users follow their Twitter, stopover at the Millions app resting in their iOS and androids, and then enter six numbers. These six numbers upon matching win them $1 million.

Intrigued, huh?

Furthermore, the startup is all set to launch a game namely “are you my number neighbor?” where users are supposed to enter a phone number on a website. Now if the number is just a digit different from the phone number on the site, the user pockets $100,000.

You might think that these are just publicity stunts to just get people’s attention which is true. HAHA! The Millions co-founder while maintaining their anonymous status added that talking about the customer acquisition costs, people just hand over the money to giants like Apple, Google, Instagram, and Facebook. Furthermore, the co-founder said that these big companies get the people but they don’t give people the money. Contrastingly, the Millions allows people to gain monetary benefits by following their ecosystem and subscribing to their updates.

It all comes down to Million’s vision which is to transfer its customers to its fintech play venture via these games. Hmmm! Sounds clever.

No wonder there is a range of amazing minds who invested in the seed round of the startup, like Italic CEO Jeremy Cai, Allbirds co-founder, and CEO Joey Zwillinger, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, 8VC, Giant Ventures, Supernode, CEO of Hellosaurus James Ruben, Casper co-founders Luke Sherwin and Neil Parikh to name some.

Million’ co-founder thinks people especially in an extraordinary time such as a pandemic are looking for money and hope so having a product that offers both can add excitement, thrill, fun while setting a fertile ground for future growth.


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