Delve into New Ways Using Google Maps’ Live View Feature


Google Maps have transformed the traveling experience for us and are no less of a blessing for a traveler. They surely gave us opportunity to explore the world through an app just by adding a location whether you’re walking to nearest spot, or driving a car. It’s been years since we are using it for finding our way around in new locations. In actual, Google maps have been serving us for more than 15 years. It was first launched on 8th February 2005, it was introduced for desktop for getting from point A to point B. From the desktop feature to an advanced app Google Map has grown into what it is today and that is something very exciting. Today it is used by more than 1 billion people all around the globe.

Recently Google Map has launched a very interesting update at its 2021 I/O Developer Conference that is called the Google Map Live View, which uses augmented reality to help you navigate the globe.

Live View, which projects walking directions through your camera’s viewfinder, first debuted as a beta version in 2019 and was rolled out to airports, bus stations, and malls earlier this year. Live View will now be available directly from Google Maps and will collect a lot of useful data, such as how busy shops and restaurants are recent feedback about the location and any uploaded images. It appears to be particularly useful for discovering new places from distance. While on vacation, you can remotely search the street full of interesting restaurants, finding out which ones are busy, and even looking at some of the menus. So, if you open the app first thing in the morning, it will show you more places to get coffee than it will show you places to have a candle-lit dinner for two.

The improved Live View AR feature now works indoors. Another upgrade includes a broader launch for the detailed street map view. This service will be available in 50 new cities including Berlin, São Paulo, Seattle, and Singapore by the end of the year. It’s basically for selective highlighting of local businesses depending on the time of day you’re using Google Maps.

Google Maps allows you to identify “hard-braking events”, when you’re on your way. “Confusing lane changes or highway exits” are examples of conditions that cause you to slam on the brakes. According to the business, its technology can “eliminate over 100 million hard-braking events in routes driven with Google Maps per year” by alerting users when such an event is approaching.

So next time you drive towards your destination make sure you use Google Maps because it has many unexpected cool features that can make your journey much more enjoyable.


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