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Friday, January 27, 2023

DH Anti Counterfiet Interview

Q: What do you view as the biggest threat in protecting a brand?
A: Threats can be viewed from different angles. I would like to ask: what happens if you do not protect the brand? You are putting some of your most valuable business assets at risk – but you are also putting the consumer at risk. And if we take it one step further – one could ask, apart from the consumer and the brand, who are the victims of counterfeits? Who made that fake bag?

Q: What factors do you believe will shape the future of the Brand Production Industry?
A: I’ve been in the industry for some time and I have seen it change from being very legal oriented with great focus on domains – to becoming an industry where we are looking at the bigger picture. We have raised awareness about the counterfeit world by not only talking about the brand risk – but the overall risk and we have seen TED talks about counterfeits funding terrorism. All this awareness attracts more players and today I am glad to see networks containing both offline and online service providers working with legal, investigators and customs, etc. It puts more pressure on the brand protection manager of course, having many more people involved in all cases resulting in many more documents to keep track of. However, the gain is far greater than the effort.

Q: What techniques do you believe can be effective to chase and stop counterfeiters both domestically and internally?
A: I think we will see a mix of the “old fashion” ways blended with some of the newer tactics. We’ve moved from high and low sent out C&D’s via “whack-a-mole” takedowns to intelligence and today we can perform good investigations and planned actions in a way we never could before. Once again, I think that collaborations between different providers will be a successful weapon. And of course – this can not only be the brand’s responsibility – all countries should set the right level of laws and regulations.

Q: What strategies do you propose for protecting brands from every possible threat of the digital world?
A: If we are focusing on the online world – I think that monitoring the internet, doing takedowns as well as using all the big data in order to establish who your targets are, is the very way to do it. Sweep, Keep and Reap (no I am not talking about dating apps). Intelligence, investigations, and eventually, your case success, will all be improved if you sweep, keep, and reap!