Facebook to Penalize Rule-Breaking Groups’ Members by Demoting Them in News Feed


Image Source: TECH NEWS

Facebook is taking new steps toward no group users breaking its rules by cracking them down, even when they have done so in other parts of the app.

The new policy of Facebook will down-rank content posted in groups by users who have cracked its rule even if they have done so elsewhere on the company’s platform. This new rule will implement for any group member who has had a post removed for infracting one of Facebook’s Community Standards in the previous 90 days. Bad news for those who have had multiple posts removed will have more severe demotions.

The latest changes go a little further because they will implement restrictions on users’ reach within groups even if they haven’t broken the rules of that particular community. Consequently, these punishments will increase in both demotion strength and duration as violations pile up.

The change comes as the company faces increased scrutiny over its ability to police groups on its platform. The social network has long touted groups as one of the more important parts of its platform, the latest feature has been credited with fueling extremism and divisiveness on the platform. The company permanently boycotted recommendations for civic and health-related groups earlier this year.

Image Source: Engadget

Facebook has looked to group admins and moderators to take more responsibility for toxic and mischief behaviors that happens with groups. The company is also introducing a new tool called ‘Flagged by Facebook”. The feature will access-group admins to review rule-breaking content posted by any group member before it is removed by the company to help group members avoid receiving a strike. The admins can also appeal to Facebook or ask them to explain why the post breaks its rules.

Such measures will help decrease the ability of members who break company rules from reaching others in their communities and build on the existing restrictions placed upon members who break Community Standards.


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