Fujitus Boost up Technology World by Introducing “Digital Twin Collector”


In recent years, the whole world has faced a growing demand for innovative solutions to the challenges posed by the data generated by connected vehicles and the digital transformation through new mobility technologies.

Fujitsu Limited, on 22 April 2021, announced the launch of a new virtual platform for the mobility space which allows users to manage information on devices. The name of the innovation of Fujitsu is “Fujitsu Future Mobility Accelerator Digital Twin Collector.

The platform allows users to integrate and manage information on devices including connected cars, smartphones, and tablets. Japan tech immense platform has a variety of innovative features that will help release the potential of future mobility services.

Mobility devices are set to deliver giant amounts of data over the next few years to decades. The traffic scheduler feature and data coverage control feature are the main components of Digital Twin Collector. “Companies will save a huge amount of money by using Digital Twin Collector,” said Gartner.

With the creation of this platform, Fujitsu shows its ongoing contribution to the realization of automated driving systems, including the creation of high-precision maps used by automobile manufacturers, etc.

The Digital Twin Collector helps in stabilizing the communications by regulating the volume of data sent from the mobility device to the cloud with the Traffic Scheduler Function. Data Coverage enables data collection without any duplication. These innovative functions make it possible to reduce and process large volumes of data from mobile devices on the cloud platform as needed, and significantly reducing costs for the management and transmission of large amounts of vehicles and traffic data.

Moreover, the Digital twin Collector also helps you from getting into trouble and saves your time for being late for Office. Capture real-time data and time of your vehicle’s experience on road including jam traffics, debris, and dangerous places.

Digital Twin Collector will allow insurance companies to provide automotive insurance services that handle accidents in a way that takes into account multiple perspectives. For example, if an accident is detected or occurred, simply by specifying the location and time of the accident, a video before and after the accident can be automatically obtained for the vehicle and surrounding vehicles. In addition, a twin collector can be used to find the cause of failure and provide feedback for vehicle development by collecting peripheral images when abnormal values are detected by vehicle sensors and automobile manufactures.


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