Heyday AI Increases The Seed-Funding for a Chatbot To $5.1 Million


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Heyday AI, a Montreal-based retail company, has increased its seed-funding to around CAD 6.5 million (USD 5.1 million). The investment in chatbot startup has extended to about CAD 8.5 million from the new funding. It means the overall funds during the initial seed funding increased by $2 million in April 2019.

Investissement Québec and Innovobot and Desjardins Capital, the team of investors, join their hands for huge monetary investments in the company. Later in 2019, Etienne Veilleux, senior strategic advisor at Novacap, and Yan Martin, business coach and former CMO of Reebok Europe also participated in the seed-funding.

Heyday AI laid down its grounds in 2017 and caters to the conversational artificial intelligence platform for retailers. The main motto of this chatbot AI platform is to build connections prompting sales and increasing the customer experience through Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Google’s Business Messages. The company chatbots provide orders or the latest products offered by other companies like Salesforce, Shopify, Magento, Lightspeed, and PrestaShop and also track the team lead of the specified company. Retailers come up with new approaches to enhance the in-store experience online through exotic digital channels.

Wow. What an iconic startup chatbot!

Dynamic Approaches of HeyDay during Pandemic

During the pandemic, digital marketing became a worldwide trend, in which most retailers adapt it to meet customer demands.

The strategy of Heyday is to collaborate with digital brands like Cirque du Soleil or mid-market retailers. But due to the pandemic, the company is finding new approaches to advertise the chatbot software such as hitting the mid-market retailers via digital tools.

Desjarlais, claims, “Adopting the preferred digital platform paradigms makes these kinds of businesses at the top.” He further added, “The pandemic has been an accelerant of existing trends. E-commerce and remote work have seen decades of growth in days.”

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Other than this, Heyday AI recently signed contracts with other clients including clothing brands such as Lacoste, La Maison Simons, and Dynamite Group. Unfortunately, the CEO of  Cirque du Soleil is not a part of Heyday’s short-term strategy.

Multiple other channels are giving similar services like Heyday AI. The main aim is to build the trust of clients and maintain a good service experience which will be headed towards effective sales in the future.

The trend of Heyday company business is just like, join your hands and connect with others.

Étienne Mérineau, Co-founder HeyDay AI added, “We believe that helping is the new selling.”


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