IoT is the key to feeding the future population in Dairy


Image Source: Circuit Digest

Internet of thing is a mature and effective technology seems to be one of the remedies for low effective and productivity in agriculture and livestock. The main focus of IoT in livestock monitoring system dedicated to the automated measurement of dairy cow health state in a conventional loose-housing cowshed.

SmaXtec created a technology which helps farmers to monitor the health of their livestock and increase their profitability. SmaXtec is based in Austria with offices in the UK and the US. Currently they are delivering systems to customers in 25 countries and counting.

SmaXtec created a bolus which is ingested by the animals and stays inside it rumen for the lifespan and this bolus helps the farmers to measure the cow’s health parameters.  Boluses continuously measure data inside the reticulum that we transform into valuable information and actionable recommendations.  Once the animal ingested the bolus farmers can use smaXtec app. With the smaXtec app, you can access your cow and herd data anywhere and anytime.

The sensors provide data on body temperature, rumination, Ph. levels, and athletic activity. This data eventually helps and ensure the well-being of livestock by sending early warning of potential health problems.

Early intervention can assist to limit the prescription of antibiotics which, from being directly costly, also requires the cow to be removed from the production process and certified as safe by a vet before it can be introduced back to the hard.

The company says that the rumination and activity data is used to automatically calculate an insemination window to help famers improve success. The sensor is also able to detect imminent calving 6-36 hours prior, helping to confirm the safe delivery of a healthy animal.

Image Source: SmaXtec

Helping farmers in optimizing production and reducing veterinary and other expenses will be key to helping many different countries deal with their growing and ageing populations. Even a one percent saving on herd feeding can help to make a farmer’s business more sustainable.

To support farmer’s day to day work and livestock management by using smart solution has become a great need in order to balance the life quality of human being and domestic animals  that had to be monitored and examined in person can now be checked remotely, saving farmers money and time. Well, smaXtec is the best example of what can be done when a customer harnesses the scale of AT&T’s IoT connectivity.


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