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Friday, January 27, 2023

iZoologic Interview

Q: Briefly explain your solutions and services? And which geographical area you operate in?

A: iZOOlogic provides protection from phishing, malware, and brand abuse. The iZOOlogic platform provides real-time monitoring, pro-active detection, and seamless and integrated incident response. iZOOlogic enforces the security policies of the business to maintain compliance and to reduce any fraud losses, lost revenue, or reputational risk. iZOOlogic protects hundreds of the world’s leading brands from phishing and brand abuse. iZOOlogic head office and 24x7x365 Global Security Operation Centre is in the City of London, UK with offices in Melbourne, Australia, and Mountain View, California.

Q: What strategies do you propose for protecting brands from every possible threat of the digital world?

A: iZOOlogic reduces fraud losses and reputational risk from phishing and malware attacks. iZOOlogic is a niche information security vendor providing Fraud Prevention and Anti-Phishing solutions. We provide real-time monitoring, pro-active attack detection, and a seamless and integrated Incident Response.

iZOOlogic Solutions include;

  • Anti-Phishing
  • Anti-Malware (Financial Trojans)
  • Online Brand Protection
  • Anti-SMiShing
  • Anti-Vishing
  • Anti-Pharming
  • Mobile Apps Management
  • Social Network Monitoring
  • Fake Executive Profiles
  • Dark Web Monitoring / Data Loss Recovery
  • Website Threat Detection

Q: What makes Izoologic products and services unique?

A: Real-Time Monitoring, Pro-active detection and a seamless and integrated Incident Response, including analysis, forensic, and Site Take Downs Services. iZOOlogic has the strictest SLAs for detection and response.