Las Vegas Will Get a Nuro Delivery Robot Test Track and Factory


Image Source: TheVerge

Nuro, an autonomous delivery vehicle start-up, said Thursday,26th August 2021 that it expanding its operations to Las Vegas, Nevada, with the construction of a factory and a closed course test track. Nuro said the two new commercial complexes would total 125,000 square feet and span at least 80 acres of land, including 74 acres of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The start-up will invest $40 million in the facilities and originally anticipates creating 250 employees in Southern Nevada.

Unlike other autonomous vehicle startups, Nuro is focused on developing zero-occupant, robotic electric delivery trucks that resemble kitchen appliances rather than traditional automobiles. Although they are smaller than vans and the majority of taxis, they are nevertheless permitted to drive on public highways rather than in bike lanes or on sidewalks. While Nuro’s autonomous delivery service is not yet widely available, the firm reports that it is operational in Houston, Greater Phoenix, and Silicon Valley.

Customers can make an order with one of Nuro’s retail partners for delivery. When customers check out, they can opt for a driverless car and will receive updates via a mobile app when the Nuro vehicle locates them. They receive a final notice upon arrival with an access code required to unlock the vehicle’s compartment containing their requested things. Domino’s Pizza, Kroger, CVS, Chipotle, FedEx, and Walmart are just a few of the companies who have tested or are testing Nuro’s robotic delivery trucks.

Image Source: Review geek

Walmart announced intentions to include Nuro into its new GoLocal delivery service, among other autonomous vehicle partners such as General Motors-backed Cruise and Alphabet-owned Waymo. To comprehend and maneuver inside a neighborhood, the company’s current R2 cars utilize cameras, light ranging and detecting sensors (or lidar), as well as additional short and long-range radar, and ultrasonic sensors. Nuro intends to manufacture the R3 at its upcoming assembly factory in Nevada.

Nuro praised Nevada for its support of the budding autonomous car sector in their statement on Thursday 26th august. With the passage of AB 511 in 2011, Nevada became the first state to adopt autonomous vehicle legislation, allowing autonomous cars to operate on state roadways.


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