Let Tiberius and V-Shape be the Game Changer: COVID-19 Vaccine Supply Chain Logistics ‘Saga’


“Enough of the COVID-19 saga. I need the vaccine shot now at the earliest.”

Almost everyone wants a vaccine to do its magic and rescue themselves from the strands of surgical masks that have been hurting their ears for the past year.

Okay. Take a deep breath and let Tech do something for you.

Distributing, tracking, and managing a humongous number of vaccines is not an easy task especially at a time when every human being is in dire need of one to save themselves from the perils and troubles of contracting COVID-19.  Fortunately, tech-based solutions are here to help which can help a great deal to maintain and coordinate the fluid supply chains. Technologies like 2D barcodes and RFID tags can trace vaccines, minimize the occurrence of errors, and can successfully encode vaccine identification information.

The Pfizer BioNTech vaccine requires a temperature of subzero which is another challenge when it comes to distributing the vaccine. The vaccine must be kept in special containers where the temperature can be kept controlled along with equipment that can provide notifications, insights, tracking after measuring the number of vaccines. In addition to that, the box containing the vaccine must have a temperature monitor, barcode, and GPS beacon.

Now we have the equipment and everything. Shouldn’t we have a record too?

No problem at all. Sir & Madame.

Tiberius is a software that can keep a record of all the data and feed the information into Washington D.C.’s Vaccine Operations Centre. The software is ‘intelligent’ enough to keep a check on the volume of vaccines as well as of the incoming orders of vaccines. And we are not stopping here! Tiberius can also tell you the states where vaccines are needed the most while taking into consideration the age of the recipients.

The Vaccination Credential Initiative is also making efforts to foster an efficient and effective relationship between the private and public stakeholders. Partnerships between Microsoft and Mayo Clinic, Epic, and Cerner stand as some good examples to admire. The purpose of these partnerships is that they will help to equip the digital set-up with advanced infrastructure for record-keeping and coordination. Ed McCallister, CIO UPMC, also thinks that technologies have to interlink and coordinate in as many ways as possible to deal with something as important as COVID-19 vaccine distribution.

Now, you know that the vaccine requires to be administered in two stages with a break of three weeks in between. This calls for ensuring that the vaccines are widely available as well as to track the likely side effects of the vaccine on the recipients.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have designed a personalized application called V-safe the function of which is to report the presence or absence of any possible side effects on the people who have received the vaccine. In this way, V-safe is a one-of-its-kind app.

On the other hand, Blackberry’s lead, Sara Jost thinks that active notification systems that can receive and send notifications as vaccines move across the supply chains can also help the government, the healthcare sector, and pharmaceutical companies to keep track.


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