MaaS Mobile Ticketing Makes Bus Services Safe During COVID-19


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The way transit operators and agencies operate has remained quite the same over the decades. The manual ticketing system has changed into mobile ticketing, which has a significant influence on fare collection systems. More than 64 percent of the agencies are ready to introduce Account-Based Ticketing systems, where people can use the contactless bank card, mobile phone, or smartcard and avoiding the hassle of purchasing the ticket. This novelty in the Automated Fare Collection (AFC) systems has never been so easy and efficient.

According to the highlights from a report titled ‘The State of Fare Collection’, advanced techniques are needed for fare collection. The survey from more than 60 North American transit agency professionals explored the effect of the AFC system on the agency’s capacity to successfully implement the strategy of Mobility as a Service (MaaS).

Reconfiguration of Public Transport System via MaaS strategy:

Masabi and Jorudan, both have launched the MaaS strategy in six cities of Japan such as Oita, Sapporo, Asahikawa, Kumamoto, Oshima, and Tsuchiura. This advanced transport ticketing system ensures safe public transport during COVID-19. From now onwards, tickets for transit services in these areas will be available in English and Japanese via Japan Transit Planner and Norikae Annai apps. Recently, they have intended to plan their expansion to over 17 countries.

Hurray! Covid-Safe Public Transport for Everyone!

The service facilitates the public by offering one-day or two-day. Like, Otia Bus is the largest bus company, offering passengers one-day Canbus passes throughout the city.  Similarly, one-day Dosanko tickets are available for Sapporo Streetcar, a comprehensive tram network in the city.

Toshikazu Sato, CEO of Jorudan, said, “Now more than ever, the work we are doing to enable people to plan their journeys, buy their transport ticket and safely navigate the local area is essential.”

Jorudan unified the concept of  Justride mobile ticketing SDK into its MaaS apps. In this way, ticket availability can be quickly available in the Jorudan’s Japan Transit Planner and Norikae Annai applications once the operators sign up for the service.

Brian Zanghi, CEO of Masabi addresses the countless challenges that both companies have faced over the last 12 months. They have to follow COVID protocols and social distancing requirements for establishing this remarkable innovation.

Throughout the pandemic, the companies have been working to deploy a fare payment system for operators in Japan, which has to be Covid safe and encourage passengers to avail the mobile ticketing services.


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