Make Money by Renting out Free Space on Your Computer through Bluzelle


Image Source: Bluzelle

So the world is now coming towards sharing resources. You see Airbnb, an online service that allows homestays and lodging facilities. You must be familiar with the ride-hailing service, Uber giving lifts to people in their personal cars. Got unwanted stuff at home? Relax, just hop over to eBay. I mean, you get the picture.

This concept of sharing has forced some people to move beyond the ordinary and do something different. We are talking about the blockchain startup, Bluzelle where users get paid to share the surplus space available on their computer currently not in use.

Bluzelle was founded by Neerja Mukarka and Pavel Bains in 2014 and is based in Singapore. The idea behind the startup was to replicate the successful blockchain technology in the world of storage. Using this technology, the company can build a decentralized cloud service that can be used by businesses to store the data.

Bluzelle users can store their data on a number of nodes or computers. This eliminates the central points of failure and risk downtime as backup nodes will always be available even if one of them fails.

When data is stored across multiple locations, it is much protected and secured against cyberattacks. Even if hackers get access to one of the nodes, the access to a small chunk of information is eventually useless as the context of the bigger data set is absent. The context is instrumental for making sense of this data set.

Image source: Google

The platform uses Bluzelle tokens (BLZ) to operate which will be paid to anybody with storage space on their computer. Last year in January, the company completed its initial coin offering (ICO) of US$ 19.5 million. For app developers, the funds raised were enough to build a decentralized database. Bluzelle works on a database protocol system implying that other blockchain projects can be linked to it.

According to their website, their team is working on acquiring blockchain developers. This is done to build decentralized apps while also extending their support to non-blockchain projects simultaneously.

Bluzelle aims to level the playing field for accessing information through decentralization. Since 2019, the company is focused on strengthening data security, especially for businesses. A Data Delivery Network can save businesses from network failures, data breaches, and performance issues. Decentralized technologies coupled with edge computing can help bring a more secure and faster internet.


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