Meet the New Face of BetterUp: Prince Harry becomes BetterUp’s Chief Impact Officer


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Your Highness, Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry- is now a corporate executive. News has it that Prince Harry has been hired by BetterUp Inc., a mental health and coaching startup as its Chief Impact Officer. However, the financial terms of the job have not been disclosed as of now.

Founded in 2013, BetterUp is a startup based in San Francisco which works with personnel from renowned corporations such as LinkedIn, AB InBev, and Mars. The startup works at providing mental health and coaching services.

Alexi Robichaux, CEO BetterUp, thinks that Prince Harry will prove to be a good fit for the company due to “his model of inspiration and impact through action.” Robichaux went on to refer to Harry’s work regarding Invictus Games which provided an opportunity to wounded and ill military veterans to try sports. He also mentioned Sentebale, an African charity founded by Harry which supports young people suffering from HIV.

According to its website, BetterUp uses a combination of “world-class coaching, AI technology, and behavioral science experts” to help people improve their effectiveness, adaptability, and resilience. For individual coaching, the person is made to go through an initial assessment where the strengths and areas of improvement are highlighted to get a better picture. This is done to pick and choose the best available support for the concerned person.


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After the requirements, as well as the challenges of the individual, have been highlighted, the individual is matched with a best-suited coach. The last step involves a face-to-face chat with the individual through an online video session anywhere, anytime. Wow, sounds cool!

The startup is flexible enough to schedule a free online trial session for anyone who is confused about whether they should take up coaching or not (You surely don’t want to miss this!)

According to the website, Laura, a Customer Service Lead was in a habit of accepting every opportunity that came her way. She needed a more focused and narrow approach while pursuing the opportunities. Laura’s personalized coach helped her in realizing what was missing as she failed to align her actions with her values. The coach worked with Laura using goal-setting skills, communication skills, and value-based exercises which could accelerate her career growth.

Moreover, the statistics available on the website claim that 90 percent of the members experience a significant stress reduction, 181 percent experienced an improvement in focus, 149 percent feel an increase in resilience and 222 percent rise in team agility.

So what are you waiting for? Connect with BetterUp to level “up” your self-improvement journey.


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