Microsoft Has Finally Killed its Browser Legacy of Internet Explorer – R.I.P.


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Microsoft finally decided to end its line of browsers that became more of its legacy, the Internet Explorer on 15th June 2022. After being on life support for many years, Microsoft pulled the plug on IE. The much-known browser has been around us for 27 years but for a long time, it carried the reputation of a slow and buggy browser that Microsoft first put out in 2015. The company introduced Microsoft Edge as the successor which they claim in faster, more secure, and more compatible with the modern internet.

Internet Explorer was first introduced as a part of Windows 95 in the year 1995. The company introduced the last update in 2013. The browser died a fairly slow death. Internet Explorer has been a safe heaven for hackers and frauds as the browser was prone to several hacking attacks and malwares. Though the browser is dead, the scraps of the old website will live on its Edge browser by supporting any older version websites that were built for Internet Explorer.

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Well, not many users are mourning the browser’s demise. The browser grew to become pretty much unwanted that was more or less included in every Windows computer unnecessarily. The browser became a gold mine for hackers and frauds due to infinite flaws when it comes to security. Also, Microsoft’s late responses to bring browser updates aggravated the problem even further. However, few people are still clinging to the old browser.

The old IE is survived by Microsoft Edge, which the company introduced to remain in the browsing arena. Microsoft Edge is faster, more modern, and much more secure than its predecessor. The plus point is that it is also compatible with the old devices. When launched in 1995, the browser was in a leading position, competing against Netscape Navigator.

If for some reason, you are still using the Internet Explorer, it is time to find an alternative now. We can bid farewell to our once favorite browser.


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