‘Never Run Out of Coffee Again’: Bottomless Raises a Whopping $4.5 Million to Grow its Coffee Subscription Business


How about having a coffee refill in the comfort of your home?

Well! Some coffee lovers founded the Y-Combinator-backed startup refilling the ‘happiness’ in the cup of your life.

After the services of the company were signed up, the company told that a Series A was raised. So the company’s co-founder, Liana Herrera, was reached to know the details about the startup and I tell you they only fostered the interest.

 ‘Hey, hold on. Tell me more about Bottomless’

Here it is. Like every startup which solves a problem, Bottomless is just another one to solve (Well!) yet another pretty ‘serious’ problem. Bottomless works by allowing consumers and users to choose their preferred price, caffeine level, etc. The customers are then provided with a digital scale that can be connected to their internet at home. So as consumers continue using coffee sent by Bottomless, the bag is placed on the hardware between uses, the scale shows the amount of coffee left and sends orders before the coffee finishes.

The scale is sensitive enough to keep adding more grounded coffee or beans. On the other hand, the business side of Bottomless shows itself to be quite impressive. The best quality of Bottomless is that it can make having a range of coffee types at home, easy. Bottomless underwent Y Combinator in 2019 and during that time, the company used to hand-build its scales for weighing coffee.

Bottomless continued to grow in 2019 which Herrera refers to be almost 10 times. Although the startup suffered during COVID-19, the Chinese economy came out of a lockdown which was a relief for the startup. Herrera aims to expand its business as much as 10 times to ensure positive growth.

Bottomless works with a wide range of coffee companies including those who perform the bean roasting and then deliver them to Bottomless customers. To ensure that the company doesn’t run out of coffee, it has been able to raise ample financial capital. The company successfully raised a total of $4.5 million Series A in January 2021. According to Herrera, the company has always been quite frugal and scrappy. The round was led by Patrick O’Shaughnessy.

Upon being asked about the recent funding, Herrera says that Bottomless reached its current status with as low as $2 million so the funding is surely twice that amount and seems enough. The company is all set to expand its human resource by hiring people who are scrappy and informal.

Wow. The company is hiring. Seize the opportunity, folks!


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