New WhatsApp Feature Helps You Review Voice Notes


WhatsApp changed the experience of messaging forever.  One of the main features includes sending voice notes while having a conversation. Voice notes without doubt are one of the most convenient way of having conversation as it saves your time and it doesn’t require any need to write lengthy paragraphs. But while sending voice notes on WhatsApp you press a button and it starts recording and as you release the button its automatically sent. It had one drawback though, many times your recording in voice note isn’t right or you want to change it. It might be incomplete or inappropriate, but you can’t change it. But now with its new feature update WhatsApp allows you to listen to the voice notes before sending it to other person.

WhatsApp is soon to introduce a new feature that will enable you to review your voice note. This latest update makes a lot of sense.  Basically it’s an update in existing voice note feature. This latest feature will enable users to listen to the recording before hitting the send button, if the audio message seems to be incorrect you can discard it and repeat the process for making a new one. This latest feature will work for both IOS and Android version but right now it’s not available to try in the app. It is difficult to reveal what will come in the final version for public because it’s still in the testing stage. We are not sure about it whether it will go for further alterations or it will be exactly the same as it is told.

While talking about other recent updates, the Facebook-owned app has begun developing a new feature that allows users to double the playback speed of voice notes. In both the iOS and Android trial channels of WhatsApp, two further speeds of 1x and 1.5x were discovered. One more recent update is soon to be added that’s chat immigration update that will allow users to transfer their chats between android and IOS devices. It will help the users that wish to migrate their chats from android to iPhone and vice versa. It will allow users to connect multiple devices with the same WhatsApp account.

All these latest features are said to be launched by the end of 2021. So let’s wait for these amazing WhatsApp updates.


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