NFT World Fired by Minecraft as it Bans NFTs in the Game


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Mojang, in an announcement, made it clear that they won’t be pairing up with blockchain and NFTs technology for its game, Minecraft. The news was not encouraging for the NFT Worlds that has spent a fortune and months building up an entire economy of cryptocurrency capitalizing on a collection of random seeds required to make Minecraft maps.

The company also stated that its new game will be built from the scratch and will be very much like the game style of Minecraft to give the players a similar feel. The company promised to upgrade all the shortcomings and technological missouts of the older game that required an update for years.

After the announcement came out, the team behind the NFT Worlds released a statement that stated that the company will now create a game of its own, that will be created on the core mechanic of Minecraft but the game will be entirely untied from the policy enforcement that both Mojang and Microsoft command over Minecraft.

NFT Worlds assured its users to be calm and wait for the new game as the company plans to upgrade the existing Minecraft framework. They further assured that their game will be always free for its players and that the users won’t be needing a credit card to purchase any content or additional features. NFT Worlds introduced the concept that for any purchase the players will be needing only its tokens, whose value will plummet over 60% in a week. This announcement was followed by the one made by Mojang.

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For the time, the players can still use an NFT World-issued random seed for playing Minecraft or even host a session of multiplayer on the existing map, after a spokesperson from Microsoft confirmed to Vice. But it does not offer much use since the issued NFT will have no exclusive rights to the map that would not be more than “World 1-1” on paper providing ownership of Super Mario Bros level.

Following Microsoft’s new rules, the tokens introduced by the NFT Worlds will no longer be useable in Minecraft’s API clarifying that the players will no longer be able to make any in-game payments using the cryptocurrency, denominated as NFT World’s $WRLD tokens or take advantage of any other additional features by using NFT Worlds’ API.

While NFT Worlds is claiming to bring innovation, evolution, and open gameplay that will be player owned and operated economy, we believe the devil is in the details. For instance, with Minecraft, just about anyone can access the maps just with a 32-bit integer seed, even if someone claims ownership of it based on the NFT Worlds token.

But for this very moment, the state of NFT Worlds’ upcoming Minecraft clone, is not much clear that will it work in a way similar to Minecraft or will the players will have to pay the company or the owner of the NFT for accessing a prime virtual piece of land that will be owned by another owner. This system might favor for the newcomers to own a valuable and rare world seed but it might not be as attractive to the players that follow, especially to the existing players of Minecraft who are used to having open access to interesting seeds.


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