Nintendo’s Game Boy Changing the Bitcoin Game -The Gadget can be Used to Mine Bitcoins


Image Source: Pexels

Yeah, Bitcoin is the talk of the town these days. The TechnoKing of Tesla, aka Elon Musk, has been literally playing with this digital currency. From updating his bio on Twitter to now accepting Bitcoin payments for his company’s products, the guy has changed the way masses think of crypto these days.

So you need bitcoin? Wanna MINE bitcoin? Flimsy BIOS locks and a lack of GPU stock have thwarted your desires to mine bitcoin? Yeah?

Hang on then this YouTuber StackSmashing and an IT security researcher has got you covered. Remember Nintendo Game Boy? Yup that 31-year old game console can help you here quite efficiently (and of course takes care of your pocket too).

What you need is your Game Boy console, a regular computer, a modified Link Cable, and a Raspberry Pi Pico. The main conceit of the project is that mining takes place on a stock Game Boy, which was their way before Bitcoin came into being. Obviously, the Game Boy needs additional assistance to make it work because the gadget itself cannot hold the whole blockchain and cannot be connected to the internet.

Image Source: Pexels

StackSmashing makes use of Link Cable and Pico. The Link Cable connects the Game Boy to the computer already running a bitcoin node. After successfully making the connection, a hashing program from a programmable cartridge is run by the Game Boy. By the way, to make your mining little entertaining, the Game Boy also plays a funny animation while mining!

Well! The Game Boy works slowly in comparison with the typical mining machines specifically built to perform this function. The console runs precisely at 0.8 hashes per second which is a lot less than one of the fastest Bitcoin miners (100 terahashes per second!). That means these ASIC miners work at a pace 125 trillion times faster than your poor Game Boy. Just IMAGINE the speed!

According to the creator of the modder, it could take a couple of quadrillion years to earn a Bitcoin!

Now yes that’s true the miner costs much less to run like just four AA batteries. It might not sound very helpful. HOWEVER, StackSmashing says that the system was able to hash out a complete block after the creation of an empty blockchain.


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