Now You Can Wear a Moodmetric Ring and Keep your Stress Levels in Check!


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During the pandemic, people are going through several difficult situations every day. People may look physically normal to you but inside their heads, millions of things might be disturbing them.

So how about a device that can be your doctor and you can conveniently carry it with you anywhere you wish. Introducing the novel stress moderator, Moodmetric also famously known as smart jewelry for emotional well-being. It’s a ring-shaped device that you can wear on your finger which can be connected to your phone through an app. The data provided by the app is comparable between users.

Since stress levels vary from person to person, this ring determines the stress level in your body. Then, it takes into account how your body reacts to stress and evaluates the best possible ways to deal with it. It helps you to recognize your limits so that you feel good and perform better. This app keeps track of your stress levels in social gatherings, at work, during physical activity, and sleep. Usually, stress levels are high during the day and are low at night. The app keeps a track of your data and shows it in the form of a graph. Moreover,  it can store data for months, so that you can compare your current results with the previous ones.

Moodmetric ring is a product of a Finnish wellbeing technology company based in Finland. Niina Venho, CEO of Moodmetric said that the idea of measurement of electrodermal activity (EDA) into a ring came in 2011 from the Dr. Henry Rimminen startups.

Moodmetric ring is splash-proof and includes a smart Bluetooth, internal memory for 24 hours, battery life for 4 days,  and an operating range of 5 meters. It has laser-cut stainless steel bands with copper and silver coating and comes in five different sizes. It has different color options .i.e., green, black, grey, and plum all of which come with a USB cable for charging. AND my friend, the Moodmetric app is compatible with IOS and Android so whether you are an iPhone lover or an Android savvy person, you just have to download the app and start taking care of yourself!

But hang on! Despite its amazing features, the Moodmetric ring has some limitations too like avoid charging the device while wearing it. You might also ruin your awesome device by placing it on a hot surface so yeah be careful!

One of the best triathletes Erika Parviainen tested positive for coronavirus due to prolonged illness. The illness made it difficult for her to return to normal training. Erika was surprised as she would start feeling tired after just 10 minutes of jogging. This unusual situation resulted in heightened levels of mental stress. However, Erika was surprised when she started making use of Moodmetric which helped her pay more attention to recovery during waking hours. Also, her overall well-being showed improvement.

Price and Availability

Moodmetric ring is available across Europe for £186 with two weeks delivery time. You can also sign up for their online course for just £179.

Moodmetric as a Researcher’s Tool

Moodmetric ring provides data on the autonomic nervous system which gives information related to emotional and cognitive stress. Since it is quite a user-friendly way of collecting data, researchers can easily use it to calculate stress levels.  Fortunately, the researchers can carry out their research in large groups and can save the obtained data in cloud storage

Many organizations are using this device for research on mental health at work. Additionally, the employees also share their experience so that improvements can be made to make it better. Interestingly enough, Moodmetric acts as a guide that helps you figure out what’s best for you and what you can stop doing to live a healthier life.  According to recent updates, the Moodmetric ring will be further developed for innovations related to EDA measurement data. Let’s wait for these awesome innovations to come up.


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