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Joseph Pilates was quite right when he said that physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness. Living in this time and age comes with its perks. One of which is the amalgam of health and technology which has revolutionized the way the healthcare sector works. For instance, wearable fitness technology has integrated into society which is why smartwatches and FitBits are seen as mainstream and the consumers of this technology are only increasing over time. Infact, according to research, more than 80% of the consumers are willing to wear fitness technology to monitor their health. No wonder the use of wearable technology has more than tripled over the last four years.

Playpal is the new app on the block which is a mobile and digital web platform offering preventive analysis and advanced health profiles to its users. It does so by tracking cognitive and physical data using IoT’s and third-party integrations. This analysis is then combined with patented health scoring to guide users towards better health. Not only that, this health scoring is further incentivized using real-world rewards encompassing digital currency.

Games designed by Playpal focus on transforming the health and lifestyle of users by fusing art and technology so that gaming feels more like a healthy option. Using research on gamified health, the stigma around gaming is being challenged.

Keeko Health Game is their flagship game the model of which ensures that the user stays healthy and encourages them to earn Fitcoins. The coins allow you to upgrade characters, unlock levels, and tap into the premium features of the game by meeting the step-count targets. The best thing about these Fitcoins is that they also be converted into health crypto-tokens against a points-conversion mechanism on the Playpal platform, offering you the chance to earn real-life rewards.

Keeko is a classic game where Keeko, the protagonist, and her friends fight their temptation against unhealthy food. The game is quite fast-paced and is based on defeating the Junk Food Army which stands in the way of the player’s progression to save Keeko’s friends and defeat an evil Doughnut that rules the world.

According to the review, Keeko is being lauded for its graphics, storyline, and overall user engagement. Moreover, the game has been termed as a useful medium to convey the idea of not consuming too much unhealthy food, especially to children.

Another game introduced by Playpal is Bon Bon Jump which is a kind of fun spin-off game of the Keeko game. However, the game does not have an elaborate educational or storyline component. This game like the Keeko has also been modeled on the development of sustainable health-centric communities so that these immersive game-based learning tools can have the intended social impact.

Iggy Skate is another type of game introduced by Playpal which is a classic single-tap adventure skating game. The game includes an Iggy Skateboard Epic City consisting of two environments city and a forest. The Crazy Stunt Skateboard city game is a skating simulator that takes the user to a skate park and lets them try grinds, tricks, and flips. The graphics are quite impressive and give a good control to the user over the character and board. Once the user learns the basic controls, the user can try out tricks like feel flips, kickflips, backflips, rail grinds, and nose manuals. For every trick completed successfully, the user earns a score and can even earn a multiplier score if the user completes most tricks without falling.

According to their website, Playpal aims to become the biggest connected health system and health profiling with the most secure and largest central health data repository system. Moreover, they think that the health-score should be detailed and extensive for it qualifies for institutions like insurance companies, government bodies, and hospitals, etc. Additionally, the health-score can also be tailored to suit one’s individual needs.

HIECOH Score is meant used to perform this job which is based on an individual’s unique health profile. The score takes into account multiple factors like family history, gene data, medical history, race & ethnicity, basic personal information, and geo-location to assess the humidity levels, pollution levels, temperature, weather, and climate surrounding the individual.

Also, the Playpal Health Profile shows a consolidated form of connected apps & devices, user’s health rewards, health key, and the health capital curve.

Playpal offers exhaustive types of predictive health analyses. For a no-disease category of users, the platform helps to manage general health and wellness. It assists the user to know and eventually reduce his or her susceptibility to an illness/disease in the context of the 6 initial health parameters.

For the disease category of users, the platform provides predictive analysis so that chronic disease(s) & wellness can be managed proactively. The platform in this case helps users to improve their lifestyle in his/her disease (s) and prevent his/her condition from worsening. Playpal platform covers 20 Environment Allergies, 17 Food Allergies, 05 Intolerances, Type I and Type II Diabetes.

The best feature of this platform is that a user’s health data is secured on a health blockchain complying with HIPAA & GDPR. The combination of online checks, SSL encryption, strong in-house administrative policies, and hashed PHIs for technical security. Also, all financial activities related to the health token are recorded and performed on the HIECOH Wealth Blockchain.


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