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Friday, February 3, 2023

Pointer Brand Protection Interview

Q: What do you view as the biggest threat in protecting a brand?

A: The biggest threat in protecting a brand is right owners losing control of where and how the brand is used. When the right owner is not in control of its brand, it often leads to decrease of brand value and reputation, and dilution of the brand. The first step in protecting a brand is protecting its IP rights, becoming aware of IP infringements threatening the brand globally and creating a strategy to tackle the infringements.

Q: What factors do you believe will shape the future of Brand Production Industry?

A: After Varsity Brands (US) one must say that it is more than exciting to see what the protection for designs would be on online marketplaces, especially on the US legal scene. That would both broaden significantly the variety of enforcement actions we can take on behalf of our clients and challenge the flexibility of online platforms to adapt to the current legislative landscape. Also, we see an increasing awareness amongst government, law enforcement, customs and shippers. On longer term, we expect these parties to play a large role in an effective brand protection strategy.

Q: What techniques do you believe can be effective to chase and stop counterfeiters both domestically and internally?

A: Pointer Brand Protection’s proprietary tool is a technological solution to effectively monitor and enforce against online IP infringements globally. It allows you to focus on the most important target markets while providing a global overview of the current state of affairs in for the brands we represent. By applying a holistic approach and consistency in enforcement, tangible results can be achieved and counterfeiting the brand becomes less and less lucrative. Infringers are then likely to move on to less protected brands.

Q: What strategies do you propose for protecting brands from every possible threat of the digital world?

A: It is important to identify the key priority target markets and product categories for each brand by evaluating the market situation and applying a coherent brand protection strategy. While focusing on the priority target markets, it is also important to keep an eye on the global developments in the digital world and in the global marketplaces and to update the brand protection strategy regularly.

We find that covering the relevant venues online – websites, online marketplaces, social media, and apps – supported by paid ads monitoring and investigations into valuable leads, brings the best results.