Rejoice All Home Gardeners Out There as the Gardening Startup Neverland Raises $4.7 Million!


Two women Vera Kutsenko and Hayley Leibson have found an exquisite imaginary land called “Neverland”. This beautiful Neverland involves as much digging in the dirt as it does digging through lines of code.

The concept of Neverland is to begin a startup that focuses to create a platform for mom and pop gardening shops by collaborating with amateur horticulturalists that have sprung up since the pandemic began. During the initial phase of lockdown, gardening activities increased tremendously due to a relaxing activity in these stressful times making it a big winner during the pandemic. Garden supply retailers reported a surprisingly positive increase in sales. The sales shoot up to 9% in 2020 data recorded by 200-year-old flower retailer, Breck’s. The co-founders are passionate about home plants and this persuaded them to launch Neverland, they said.

Neverland works to prompt customers on how to enhance their gardens and horticulture activities based on their geographies and what plants do customers would want to grow. The company also looks to connect would-be green-thumbed growers with companies in their regions. “The educational piece we’re pulling from is the USDA agricultural APIs,” said Kutsenko. “We take and translate the super-science terms into language that would understand. We’re pulling this from existing government resources and clustering it and making it accessible to folks.”

The founders of Kutsento studied computer science at Cornell, worked at Facebook on the initiative, and led teams working on the mobile app at Uber and Leibson founded Lunch club and worked there as the company’s Chief operating officer. Both founders connected through a women’s tech networking group in San Francisco and found similarities for plant love. Leibson has nearby 24 plants in her apartment while Kutsenko had a small plant nursery. “We really view Neverland to be the sustainability-focused marketplace,” said Leibson.

Kutsento said, “That worldwide plant and gardening spending is estimated $52 billion and $28 billion of indoor and outdoor gardening.

It was overall the story of Neverland founders that convinced investors to throw their financial weight behind the company. Neverland managed to bring in $3 million for its marketplace and gardening community.

There is no power for change greater than a community focusing on what it cares about. The company raised to approached a healthy following on handsome Instagram. And the company has signed on almost 50 sellers in the Bay Area and beyond it.


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