Rumors Making the Rounds Everywhere About Apple AirPods Pro2


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Apple AirPods Pro 2, a newly featured design comes with the iPhone 12 series, Wow! Really?

A lot of rumors about this new gadget are rolling out in the world. It might be launched on March 23, 2021, with an updated design and enhanced sound quality. But still, the CEO of Apple, Jon Prosser, doesn’t want to spoil the suspense of this breaking news. Might be possible as the Apple event will be held with the One Plus 9 series launch on the same date.

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Do you have a curiosity about what’s new in Apple Airpods Pro 2?  Something more appealing, refined, and attractive.

As most people know, the noticeable change between Airpods and the Airpods Pro is the stem, which is a little shorter than the regular Airpods. For next-generation Apple Pro, the company is working on Airpods Pro with no stem at all and a round shape similar to the one launched by Samsung and Google. Many people are not excited about no stem Airpods Pro 2, but, it may prove to a better fit for your ear.

Nevertheless, the design of the earbuds is likely to be 21mm in diameter and 46mm in height, and 54mm in length.

Ahh, what a huge leap for next-generation Airpods Pro 2!

It has never been seen before in the history of products launched by Apple.  These exclusive AirPods Pro come with high-quality Bluetooth 5, wireless Siri compatibility, noise-cancellation feature, advanced W2 chip, improvised battery, and ANC. Sounds amazing?

According to Digitimes Report, it is expected to have ambient light sensors for biometric measurements like blood oxygen levels monitoring similar to the newly-released Apple Watch Series 6.

As per the MacRumors, these earbuds might also have pulse oximeters which can calculate the oxygen level in the bloodstream through earlobes. It seems challenging, but if these rumors turn out to be a reality, AirPods might become one of the best headphones in the market.

The health features in AirPods come from the Apple Watch, which can be availed by all. The current tagline of the Apple Watch is “the future of health is on your wrist” now to be “the future of health is on your ears”.

Also, the case of Airpods pro 2 is slightly taller and narrower as compared to the previous ones.

If Apple has become successful to launch a premium sound quality gadget such as Airpods Pro 2, it will become a massive success. The estimated price of the magical AirPods is around 200 to 249 USD.

Let’s hope to see this amazing product hitting the stores soon!


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