Samsung SmartThings can Now Prevent Nefarious Tag-Based Tracking


Image Source: Google

Technology has played an instrumental role in helping companies and organizations run their operations during something as challenging and uncertain as the pandemic. Work from home became the norm and platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams garnered much attention. Basically, like them, any technology aims to introduce a product or a service that can either solve a problem or facilitate humans in day-to-day operation and technologies keep on evolving and updating.

This is what recently happened with Samsung’s SmartThings platform. A new update has been unveiled by the tech giant which includes a Bixby voice control and a novel yet clever feature which can come in handy when somebody tries to track your location. Known as “Unknown Tag Search”, the feature can detect any unknown SmartTags which might be located in your general vicinity or might just be moving along with you. Unknown or anonymous SmartTags might be slipped in pocket, vehicle, or bag to clandestinely keep a track of your location.

Image Source: Google

Similar to Tile and other such trackers, SmartTags powered by Samsung helps you find lost devices using UWB signals and short-range Bluetooth, so you have to be near to your tag to track it easily. Samsung devices are well-equipped to find tags that are not closely located but lie in range. These devices anonymously ping the SmartThings network and send a notification to you. Somebody stealthily slipping a tag in your bag or elsewhere, can pose a grave security risk however, this latest update in the SmartThings can now conveniently shut that down and preserve your privacy.

Another update introduced is Bixby control utilizing voice cammands to find the SmartTags. Saying something like “Hi Bixby, where is my bike” or any other object having a SmartTag attached to it, and Bixby will share that object’s location.  According to Samsung, the SmartThings Find network has now 70 million registered devices which is one of the fastest-growing services in the category. It shows the company is going quite well with its latest innovation considering the fact that it was launched quite recently with the Galaxy S21 series. The company also noted that there is enough room for the connection of over 700 million Galaxy devices to be established.


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