Samsung’s New Software Update Will Transform Your Old Phone into IoT Devices


Being the market leader is not as easy as it looks. Samsung, every day keeps on looking for ways to amaze their customers.

On 21st April Wednesday, Samsung officially announced the launch of a new software update that will allow consumers to convert their Galaxy smartphones to become a part of Internet of Things. The feature will be available for all Galaxy S, Note and Z smartphones that were launched from 2018 onwards and run on Android 9 and above and will be continued with future devices.

Samsung has named the feature as “Galaxy Upcycling at Home”. The main purpose of the software is to give a new life to older smartphones which are disposed of by the users once they shifted to a superior model. The feature is recently released as a Beta version and is limited to South Korea, the U.S, and the UK and will later be released worldwide after passing the testing phase.

Consumers can use the SmartThings Labs feature on their existing SmartThings app to choose how they want to use these older devices. “The devices can be turned into smart and innovative home use devices such as a childcare monitor, a pet care solution, or a light sensor,” the South Korean tech giant said.

Thanks to artificial intelligence that enhances the device’s ability to distinguish sounds, you can use the old Galaxy devices to save certain sound recordings like a baby crying, dog barking, or a knock. When the software detects these sounds, it will alert the consumers’ main device so that they can listen to the recordings. Other than that, the older devices can also be set up to act as a light sensor. They will automatically measure the brightness of a room and turn on the lights or TV through SmartThings, if it becomes darker than the present standard. Now isn’t that amazing?

Samsung Mobile, Vice President of Sustainable Management, Kim Sung-Koo added: “We are rethinking how we use existing resources, and we believe the key to upcycling is to enable solutions that transform old technology into something new by adding value.”

Internet of Things is the next boom in the technology ecosystem and is already making a tremendous impact in regards to home automation, accessibility, and more.

We are keeping a close eye on how things are advancing. Stay tuned for more updates!


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