Siemens and Google Cloud Have Partnered Up to Launch AI-Based Manufacturing Technologies


On Monday April 19th 2021, Google Cloud and Siemens signed a collaboration to improve factory operations and allow the implementation of AI-based technologies in the manufacturing industry. The businesses formed an alliance to advance factory automation innovation. Siemens intends to merge its factory automation systems with Google Cloud’s data cloud and artificial intelligence/ machine learning technology. Manufacturers can streamline data from various sources, run cloud-based machine learning models and AI applications and install algorithms at the network edge with this combination of a leading data cloud platform and one of the best factory automation systems.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT), which corresponds to a network of interconnected machines in the industrial field, includes factory machinery. Its distinguishing feature is that the machines share data without including humans. Today’s manufacturing processes are driven by data, but many factories prefer to interpret plant data using legacy technologies and numerous systems, which are intensive and necessitates regular manual updates to ensure precision.

Siemens is trying to eliminate what it refers to as “islands” on the factory floor, where all of the machinery is connected but runs in isolation. Manufacturers have failed to incorporate AI at scale through their global activities. According to Siemens, the initiative’s purpose was to make AI implementation at the manufacturing edge and its management at scale simpler by inspiring workers on the factory floor, automating mundane operations and improving overall efficiency.

Siemens has based its company on ground breaking innovations that have propelled the manufacturing industry forward for more than 170 years. Siemens is a technology firm that specializes in production, logistics, mobility, and healthcare. The company empowers customers to transform the sectors that shape the backbone of economies, upgrading the everyday innovations.

The Siemens Group produced €57.1 billion in sales and €4.2 billion in net profits in fiscal 2020, which ended on September 30, 2020. The corporation had about 293,000 staff worldwide as of September 30, 2020. Whereas, Google Cloud is also world leading data platform, that provides cloud computing services from Google that includes data management, hybrid and multi-cloud along with AI and ML.

Axel Lorenz, VP of Control at Factory Automation of Siemens Digital Industries said that the potential for artificial intelligence to radically transform the plant floor is far from being exhausted. Many manufacturers are still stuck in AI ‘pilot projects’ today we want to change this concept. He also added combining AI/ML technology from Google Cloud with Siemens’ solutions for Industrial Edge and industrial operation will be a game-changer for the manufacturing industry.

According to the Dominik Wee, Managing Director of Manufacturing and Industrial at Google Cloud. Siemens is a specialist in advancing industrial automation and software and Google Cloud is a leader in data analytics and AI/ML. This cooperation will combine the best of both worlds and bring AI/ML to the manufacturing industry at the global level. By simplifying the deployment of AI in industrial use cases, we’re helping employees build up their critical work on the shop floor.

We’re hoping for incredible future innovations by these world-renowned companies. Let’s see what both of these monsters come up with.


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