‘Smart’ citizens, please: Terminus Group’s AI City is the key


You wake up in the morning, your breakfast is ready to eat, your clothes ironed and according to the weather that day, your to-do list for the day is well-planned. You sit in the car and the car knows where and how to take you. Isn’t that amazing? Forget the servants, this is the AI city equipped to provide the facilities tailored to your needs.

This AI city has everything a modern man desires to have. The AI city is the brainchild of Terminus Group wherein different aspects of human life are addressed to make living easy. Let’s explore the AI city one aspect at a time!

For starters, the AIoT Smart Building Solution utilizes cloud computing, computer vision technologies, and AIoT to deal with commonly faced problems in a traditional office setting. Problems like security and parking, office chores, access control can be solved using energy-efficient and safe services to get the menial and managerial tasks done that too in a systematic and well-organized manner.

And how about having a ‘smart’ government with top-notch vigilance and well-developed decision-making ability? Using advanced technologies that can control the accessibility and help governments to better manage a society’s operations, a smart city utilizes state-of-the-art equipment like firefighting equipment and smoke detectors inside public buildings to manage emergencies timely.

Relax! But you must have COVID-19 too lingering on in the back of your mind sending chills down your spine every time you hear about the surge in the number of cases. AI Smart Hospital has got your back by offering an intelligently organized digital solution for managing healthcare-related issues with a simple touch key. The matrix approach is intended to revamp the managerial as well as preventative measures so that patient-friendly smart digital hospitals can comfort the affected ones.

Relieved? Come then let’s go shopping in the smart retail world. Here, you will find smart malls, smart parking spaces, smart gyms all of which harness the power of innovative technologies like computer vision, IoT, and smart access control endpoints in platforms that smartly manage the retail especially the ones leading the industry. The best part about these smart platforms is that they focus on the consumer’s behavior, track the information related to buyer’s transactions, and collecting data.

Enough of the shopping. I am tired. I need to take some rest. How about ‘The Tourist’ in AI city? Nah! Come on, I am not talking about a remake of Angelina Jolie’s movie.  Terminus Group’s AI Tourism Solution lets you book your favorite resort in real-time. Moreover, the increasingly automated operations enabled by Senseless Payment, Smart Access, and Information Channel Management facilitates the tourists in planning their holidays in a jiffy. Voila! So what’s the next holiday destination?

An educated guess tells that by the year 2025, the world will have around 75 billion internet-enabled devices. Internet of things or IoT might complicate the world by posing problems. But knock-knock Terminus Group’s AIoT has the key to your problems which will improve the quality of your life. Happy living!


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