Sony is Bringing the Chat App to PlayStation with a Collaboration and Investment with Discord


Sony and Discord revealed that they would collaborate to improve the social experience on PlayStation. After Sony made an investment in Discord during the company’s most recent round of funding. Now that Sony has a stake in Discord it appears that the two firms will collaborate on expanding PlayStation’s sandbox.

Many gamers are familiar with Discord which is a voice and text chat app. Discord has been mainly aimed at players but with 140 million monthly users.          It’s a major leap and one that comes as a surprise considering how recently takeover negotiations were in the air.

The partnership’s exact details are not mentioned in the brief announcement message. The least that we know is that the two parties want to bring Discord and PlayStation interactions closer together on console and to the smartphone beginning early next year which is at least plausible.

Sony appears to have negotiated a better deal than Microsoft taking an unknown minority stake in the company ahead. Discord has previously collaborated with gaming platforms but the Microsoft partnership was not especially broad. Of course, Microsoft has its own benefits as the owner of both the Xbox and Windows worlds but it has consistently lost this chance and the purchase of Discord may have been the missing link.

Although the latest PlayStation is better than the old one in terms of voice chat, the old one wasn’t all that nice to begin with and Discord is not only easier to use but also something that millions of players use on a regular basis. And nowadays if a game isn’t an exclusive being robustly cross-platform is the next best choice. So PS5 players being able to enter and talk with PC players would eliminate a lot of points there.

In a recent press release Sony CEO Jim Ryan said that together our teams are now hard at work, linking Discord with your PlayStation Network social and gaming experience. He further added that from next year we want to put Discord and PlayStation experiences closer together on console and smartphone, making it easier for families, clubs, and audiences to hang out, have fun, and connect while playing games together.


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