SupPlant Raises $27 Million to Aid Farmers in the Fight Against Climate Change


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SupPlant, an Israeli irrigation software firm, has secured $27 million for its platform, which helps farmers maximize crop yields by optimising water consumption

SupPlant, an AgTech firm, announced today that it has secured $27 million in a Series A fundraising round. Menomadin Foundation, Smart-Agro Fund, Mivtah Shamir, Deshpande Foundation, PBFS, and Maor Investments were among the investors in the round, which was headed by Red Dot Capital Partners. Atad Peled of Red Dot will join SupPlant’s Board of Directors as part of this round.

Farmers are suffering as a result of global warming. They must cope with an unpredictably changing environment on a daily basis; the unpredictability and extremes of climate change are rapidly increasing. Furthermore, irrigation water is always in short supply.

Irrigation Systems Are Being Rethought from The Ground Up

SupPlant, an Israeli company that generates climate-smart irrigation solutions that aims to assist and digitally teach farmers all around the globe so that they can be more robust to extreme weather. Their technique outperforms current procedures and is designed for the great majority of farmers on the planet. However, smallholders often lack access to latest gear, advanced technology, and specialized skills, but SupPlant attempts to alter that. SupPlant’s technology, as a pioneer in precision agriculture, enables farmers to boost yields, productivity, and water usage efficiency on a big scale. To comprehend and identify the primary aspects impacting plant performance, the system integrates data from soil, plant, and weather sensors.

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SupPlant’s has the world’s most extensive plant database, compiled from data gathered from 32 crops in 14 nations, and covers growth environments ranging from the deserts of the Middle Eastern areas to tropical Central American climates. SupPlant gives a precise irrigation plan and weekly suggestions, combining and evaluating all data in real-time using clever algorithms to optimize crops and budget. They’re putting climate change, variety, and growth circumstances on the back burner. They just released an API product that is sensor-free. Instead, plants and their environs are fitted with sensors that transmit data to the cloud. It calculates how much water is required for the plant to attain its greatest potential. In conjunction with SupPlant’s database, this data is transformed into irrigation models, suggestions, and actionable insights utilizing artificial intelligence and big data.

Their objective of working with smallholder farmers, who often do not have access to AgTech, also motivated us. Food security will be a big concern in the following years, and we are confident that SupPlant’s solution will play a crucial part in it.” Zohar Ben-Ner, who also serves as the company’s president, created SupPlant in 2016. They’ve raised $46 million and have just been named one of TIME’s Best Inventions.


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