Tesla Will Be Selling Solar Roof Only with Its Power Wall Battery


Fossil fuels do not measure up to the energy possessed by the sun. but this renewable energy can only be adopted when using it becomes as convenient as traditional electricity.

However, now it’s very convenient for all of us!

Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO revealed on twitter that the company’s solar products would soon only be sold in conjunction with the company’s power wall battery. According to Musk, combining them into a single product would make installation simpler and will allow home back up to work more seamlessly during outages. Both Tesla’s Solar Panels, which sit on top of an existing roof and Solar Roof which covers a home’s existing roof, will be affected by the transition.

The new policy was revealed just hours after Musk replied to a tweet from Brett Winton, Director of Research at Ark Investment Management, who complained that his Tesla solar panels had not provided any electricity after they were installed.  The announcement comes only three months after tesla reclaim the lead in the US residential solar industry, which it had lost to companies like Sun run and Sun nova in recent years.

This product is roof itself instead of adding solar panels on an existing roof top. It’s made of photon to electricity converting glass tiles. The tiles are designed to look like opaque slate from the ground.

Customers with power wall and solar panels can use the tesla mobile app to communicate wirelessly with their home battery storage device. Users can now track real time data from solar power generation through a new ‘Power Flow Screen’ which shows household energy storage and usage by connected tesla energy products at glance. This app also has a warning feature that will notify owners of power outages and provide information on the current status of their power wall.

Tesla was only accepting new power wall order when paired with a tesla solar panel project last month, indicating that the company intends to bundle its solar products with the power wall. The change was attributed to power wall supply shortages with demand and wait times for the home battery solution rising.

Tesla completed 86MW of solar energy in the fourth quarter of 2020, a 59% improvement over the same time frame. This product comes with 25-year warranty that covers weather resistance and power generation.

Musk also mentioned that power wall will be updated next month through a software update which he claims will allow for a 50% increase in power depending on the production date.


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