The Best Last-Minute Tech Gift for Christmas


Image Source: Nasi Lemak Tech

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7

Perfect for flicking through magazines and videos, making video calls, surfing the web, and completing tasks online. This affordable all-rounder is currently ranked as our “best 10-inch tablet”, and it comes with a fantastic display and great battery life.

Image Source: The Video Ink

LG home cinema projector 

Perfect for the cinephile in your life, this projector from LG will help bring a cinema experience into your living room. The LG CineBeam PF50KS Projector displays films and TV in full HD and sits conveniently on a table, so there’s no need for fiddly wall or ceiling mounting.

Image Source: Cult of Mac

Belkin Boost Charge Stand

This wireless charger from Belkin is a fantastic all-around performer, combining a circular pad with a desk stand. Take a look at our round-up of the best wireless chargers for more information.

Image Source: The Verge

Backbone One gaming controller

Turn your phone into a mobile gaming hub with top titles and a month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate included. Simply clip your phone into the controller and stream popular titles via Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation Now, and more. Because the games are streamed via an internet connection with all the actual heavy lifting of the computing done in the cloud your phone doesn’t need to be a super-powerful gaming phone to play the games, as long as you have an applicable subscription and a good internet connection.

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Looking for a gift for someone that loves an ‘out there’ gadget? This drone could be the perfect present. It beams images back to the pilot during flight via a headset and can reach a max speed of 87mph. The max range is 10km, but the battery does only lasts for 25 minutes. All the same, it’s a pretty exciting gizmo.

Image Source: Engadget

Xbox Series S

Many gift-getters have been doing their best to track down consoles over the last few months, but thanks to the global semi-conductor shortage, it’s very, very hard to get hold of either the Sony PlayStation 5 or the Xbox Series S but there is a solution. The Xbox Series S delivers the same next-gen gaming experience as the Xbox Series X with a few minor compromises. They’re more readily available and can be picked up for a much more reasonable price than their hard-to-find counterparts.

Image Source: CNET

Nintendo Switch OLED

The new Nintendo Switch OLED is one of the most talked-about games consoles going right now. While it’s more of an upgrade to the original Switch than a complete overhaul, there’s still lots to like, and the Switch formula is a tried, tested, and well-loved one. Take a look at our full Nintendo Switch OLED console review for more information, or follow the links below for the latest deals.

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Skull-candy Dime earbuds

If you want to find a techy present without breaking the bank, then the Skull-candy Dime earbuds are a fantastic option. With an RRP of £29.99 – and they’re often available for less now – they are an affordable gift with a great in-ear fit.

Image Source: BGR

Apple AirPods 3

If there’s an iPhone-owning Apple fan in your life, these could be the perfect gift. They’re a little pricey, but the new AirPods 3 impressed our reviewers with their sound and call quality. When used in conjunction with other Apple tech, they offer a seamless connection and lots of quality of life features.


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