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Friday, January 27, 2023

The U-NICA Group Interview

Q: Briefly explain your solutions and services? And which geographical area you operate in?

A: U-NICA is headquartered in Landquart, Switzerland. It operates representations in the four major regions APAC, Americas, EMEA and CIS from where it serves its customers globally. The scryptoTRACE® suite solution provided by U-NICA allows brand owners and its associated supplier network end to end brand protection. It allows to mix and match protection technologies and recognition in a digital multi-level concept, providing methods and control to associated processes and integration with surrounding system solutions such as procurement, logistics, legal etc. to orchestrate all internal and external stakeholders from design to enforcement activities such as investigation, raids, and claims. Based on solution components targeted at getting insights into products movement in markets and diffusion into grey market, the distribution routes of products, up to product protection solutions of different security levels, U-NICA can provide lasting sustainable solutions in a staged approach. Our consulting services support our clients in leading the solution design, selecting a target-oriented set of technologies, defining the measures and set forth the project to achieve the desired results. U-NICA’s scryptoTRACE® suite allows to authenticate and track products by utilizing a broad range of smartphones.

Q: What makes your products and services unique?

A: Different from most other technologies available for product and brand protection, U-NICA’s solutions are minimal invasive to brand owner’s production- and other internal processes including processes of its associated suppliers. The scryptoTRACE® solution does not require any physical change to the product, its packaging or the production process. For the packaging production there is no additional equipment, no calibration and no inline inspection needed. The established processes stay the same. This allows the brand owner to silently and cost-effective start with product protection and grow with increased demand.

Q: How would you differentiate from your competitor?

A: In comparison with most other vendors, U-NICA does not rely on one single technology. In order to fit for a specific purpose and price range we configure the solutions after defining the appropriate security level with a perfect mix of technologies. In addition, as brand protection and product security is a multi-faceted challenge, U-NICA has a very holistic approach to support brand owners in enforcing effective protection across all stakeholders and processes. The protection is only as strong as the weakest element in the chain – independent of how strong the specific protection technology would be.

Q: Which markets and services do you want to expand in?

A: In close cooperation with our customers, we expand together with them into new markets, territories and regions that are important for them. Primary market segments with active customers are pharmaceuticals, personal care, cosmetics, food and beverages, automotive and associated industries, luxury and others.

Q: How do you intend to grow in the future?

A: U-NICA understands its customers as partners in the combat against counterfeiters. Therefore, U-NICA grows together with its partners as they take increasingly strong measures against counterfeiters. In support of this effort, U-NICA’s scryptoTRACE® suite solutions are rather seamlessly integrated into the partners’ organization as an operating vehicle and thus having reduced cost compared to other digital or physical legacy security measures.

Q: What efforts are you making to make your services productive for your client and sustainable for the environment?

A: As technology evolves, the capabilities of fraudulent actors evolve over time. Already outlined before, U-NICA’s solution doesn’t rely on only one technology but allows to select and configure different technologies for a specific protection level. Over time the solutions can be re-configured and adjusted to future needs. Thus, the solutions suite allows to carefully align strategic, tactical, governance, and technical measures by what ensures lasting protection. In addition, U-NICA constantly maintains a portfolio of advanced technologies and methods for the specific need in brand protection. The fundamental goal to protect the environment was one of the drivers for U-NICA to gear towards a minimal invasive fully digital approach.