UAE Testing Drones in Cloud – Seeding Operations to Make Rain


UAE and UK experts are taking the concept of Man-Made Rain to a whole new level. Professionals from both countires are working together to mitigate risks of water shortage around the world. The UAE’s National Center of Meteorology is testing to see if electricity coupled with cloud-seeding operations can enhance raninfall in the country as a measure to overcome the rising water shortages in the region. UAE has been involved in researching more ways to generate more and more rain to increase its water reserves. But Why UAE is more impulsive to generate rain?

It’s quite obvious, UAE is a dry country, not blessed with adequate rainfall! The average rate of rainfall is about 100mm per year. In 2017, the government invested $15m (£10.8) for nine multiple rain-enhancement projects. A large part of the UAE’s food requirements is fulfilled from imports from other countries. 80% of UAE’s food supply is imported, the country majorly relies on its oil-rich tanks.

Flying Drones is a modified form of cloud-seeding technology that has created hassle all over the world. Many countries move forward to collaborate on this project. It is being taken as a high-profiled solution to many problems that are associated with rainfall like proper agricultural growth.

UAE has paid $1.4 million to UK researchers to analyze that how an electric charge can merge with water droplets for rainfall-enhancement. This move increased the rainfall up to 30 percent.

Researchers at the University of Reading are of the view that if we use low-power electrical bursts on clouds could enhance raindrop formation. China sprawled the news before the 2008 Olympic Games opening ceremony in Beijing that they will try these similar methods for producing rainfall.

Alya Al-Mazroui, director of the UAE’s rain enhancement science research program, addresses that the advanced UK-developed remote-controlled drones will be examined at a flight center in Dubai. She added:

“Equipped with a payload of electric charge emission instruments and customized sensors, these drones will fly at low altitudes and deliver an electric charge to air molecules, which should encourage precipitation”

UAE is a global hub for artificial rain-production research, for which small flying drones are working as a magical packet of rain droplets. This new lightweight technology is quite different from the traditional payloads, because not emitted any solid particles such as salt or silver iodide into the cloud.

Still, more advancements are going on this drone project near future.


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