What 2021 will be like? 5 Predictions for the New Year and Beyond


2021 will be very dynamic, thanks to a rough and crazy 2020. One key lesson 2020 has taught us very well: predicting the future is still very tricky regardless of the advancement the human race has made so far. While we look at the interviews of tech experts and future shapers, one thing is quite common in all. They are all very optimistic about the future considering 2020 as the acid test of their visions, ideas, and practices.

2020 has drastically re-shaped what the future might be like. Working as a catalyst, 2021 has much to thank you for the lessons we have learned in 2020. COVID – 19 has thrown the predictions for 2020 quite off track, driving IT advancements further ahead than planned. E-commerce and digital companies have had an advantage last year.

We have shortlisted five of the predictions that the experts are expecting to come true in 2021:

  1. Further Rise in Digital Retail & E-commerce

With complete lockdowns throughout 2020, we all have been restricted in buying necessities like food, clothing, household items, etc., like the way we used to earlier to this pandemic. E-commerce was the only way we could get the items we needed without going out of our homes and getting exposed to the deadly virus. 2020 has been a catalyst for the development of online buying platforms development. This trend is expected to continue growing throughout 2021 as well. The competition on online selling platforms has been enormous and so has been the response. In the coming year, we are yet to see more exciting developments on this front.

  1. Growth of Remote Operations

Though the world hit a pause button for a while when COVID-19 hit us at a lightning speed. But we needed to resume work operations in some way to keep the circle of life moving. Almost all the sectors, except a few like manufacturing, had to move towards remote working. Which once was taken as a flexible option allowed to few employees for facilitating them, became the only way work operations could continue. It is expected that working from home or remote working will continue to move on for most of 2021 as well until the effective vaccination is not provided to all parts of the world.

The organizations that have put the right checks to ensure an effective remote working model have realized how cost-effective this way of working is. Operations that can be performed from anywhere in the world, rely heavily on cloud-based systems that can securely hold information and data in a centralized location accessible anywhere in the world. In 2021, we will continue to see an uprising trend in the domain of remote working.

  1. New target for Cybercrimes – Healthcare data

Last year, we have drastically moved to telemedicine and online consultations for health. Most of us have been using software and applications to take care of our health. Resultantly our there has been an enormous increase in health data over the internet. With health being the center of last year’s priorities, it will continue to be the most important asset in the coming years as well. The health data collected on several application platforms is much more valuable than it ever was. In the coming year, the biggest threat to personal privacy will be this healthcare information. In 2021, cybercriminals are expected to capitalize on the world’s rapid adoption of telehealth.

  1. Growing evaluation of Virtual Collaboration

With the growing trend of remote working, virtual collaboration is going to increase further than before. The right mix of collaboration tools is required to bring this all to work. As remote working will continue to grow, the companies will be required to provide the right tools to their employees to work effectively. Organizations have to choose the video conferencing tools, Google drives, collaboration platforms like, slack, that suits them best to make the entire magic of remote working to work.

  1. Making Virtual Experience More Real

The world has turned to the virtual side almost completely during 2020. With virtual conference rooms, spending holidays virtually with our family, many of us are experiencing concentration fatigue due to the lack of physical proximity. With constant messaging and constant video calls, to stay updated with each other, we are experiencing difficulty in reading the body language of the person in front us of especially in virtual meetings. This calls for a major need of making the virtual experience more humanized. In 2021 we can safely expect major developments in AI working with the cloud-systems to create a more real like virtual collaboration.


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