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What Monster Plays The Most April Fool’s Jokes?

Don’t let April Fools’ Day pass by without telling a few knee-slapping jokes!

The first of April comes and goes quickly without many of us realizing it (unless we’ve been pranked). Before we know it, we’re well into April when suddenly, we realize: “I missed April Fools’ Day!” Don’t let the most prank-filled day of the year pass you by this year. These funny April Fool’s Jokes will be sure to leave the whole room laughing and slapping their knees—we’re not even kidding.

Whether you’re searching for one-liners, silly knock-knock jokes, or just some punny sayings that will leave you thinking, we’ve got them all! Tuck these top quips in your back pocket because April 1 is officially here! 

  • What monster plays the most April Fool’s Jokes? Frankenstein!
  • Do you think they named April Fool’s Day in your honor? 😂
  • You should know, that no one understood it was an April fool’s joke because no one expected you have a sense of humor.
  • Change your Facebook Status to “I’m Pregnant” or “I’m Engaged” and watch the April Fools LIKE & Comment away.
  • April Fools’ Day is like a huge open mic night in which millions of people go out of their way to demonstrate how unfunny they are.
  • Tomorrow is April Fools Day. Believe nothing, and trust no one. “So it’s like any other day.”
  • Got a ceiling fan? Put some little piles of talcum powder on top of the blades and wait for somebody to turn it on. It’ll be snowing indoors.
  • Got a neighbor who’s a real patriot? Always flying the flag? Sneak out late at night and replace it with a large pair of boxer shorts.
  • Put some ash or soot on your fingertip. Casually mention to a friend that he has a spot of dirt on his face as you reach up to remove it. Leave your mark!
  • At our family BBQ’s my dad would serve us briquettes and say the marshmallows burned.
  • Offer to wake up early and make pancakes for your family. Cut up round, pancake-size pieces of cloth beforehand. Coat the cloth pieces with batter and cook them up. They look like actual pancakes, but can’t be cut, even with a knife.
  • Why was the donkey annoying his friend? It was April Mules’ Day!
  • How would a husband scare his wife on April 1st? By opening a new prank account.
  • What did the tree say to the flower? I’m rooting for you!
  • Can February March? No, but April May. 
  • What would you name a research organization that was founded on April 1st? A Think Prank. 
  • Did you hear about the daisy that was excited about spring? It was so excited it wet its plants.
  • Why do bees become so indecisive after April? They become may-bees. 
  • Why are babies born on March 31st so easy to prank? They were literally born yesterday.
  • What did the villain say to the superheroes who thought it was still March? It’s April, Fools!
  • What did one spring chicken say to the other? You’re looking eggcellent today.
  • What do you call a toilet that’s overflowing on April 1st? A septic prank.
  • Did you hear about the cloud that tried catching some fog? It mist. 
  • What do you write in a birthday card for someone who was born on April 1st? You can prank me later.
  • Knock, knock! Who’s there? Otto. Otto who? You otto know April Fools’ is today!
  •  How is the letter “A” like a flower? A bee comes after it.
  • What do you call a hammer bought on April 1st? An April tool.
  •  What kind of gardens do bakers grow? Flour gardens. 
  •  Keanu Reeves lost all the April Fools’ jokes. Luckily, he found the May tricks!
  • I played an April Fool’s Jokes on my parkour team this morning. They all fell for it!
  • Why is everyone exhausted on April 1st? Because they’ve just finished a 31-day March.
  • Which superhero likes April the most? Robin. 
  • What is the worst day to propose? April Fools’ Day!
  • When do gorillas fall from the sky? During Ape-ril showers.

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Last modified: April 2, 2024